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February 5, 2013

Obsession/Vera Bradley favorites.

     Two words. Vera. Bradley. The title of this blog post may have been a bit off... I'm not sure this is a "little obsession." There are 18 Vera things in this picture, plus I have had two purses in the past that I wore out, and I have a lunch bag that I keep at home in Maine. This collection didn't happen overnight for sure- I got my first Vera item for my 13th birthday!
     So why do I love Vera Bradley so much? Definitely the top reason is because it's colorful. This might seem a little obvious, but I'm obsessed with anything that has bright eye-catching colors. I think for while Vera's motto was "Be Colorful!" The fact that most of the patterns involve floral designs is simply an added bonus, since I have a weakness for anything with flowers.
     Vera Bradley can be a bit expensive, but I think that all of their accessories are worth the investment. They last a long time and are well made. They also have products to fit literally every aspect of your life! Here are a few of my personal favorites from the Vera website.

1. Zip ID Case

     I own two of these, one in "Doodle Daisy" (left) and the one on the right is "Safari Sunset," which is the one that I'm currently using for my car keys. Inside of these IDs is a handy place to store important cards. I keep my drivers license and AAA cards in here so that I don't always have to grab my large wallet when I have to drive somewhere. On the other side of these ID's they have a clear panel so that you can see the first card displayed (I just am showing the back side of them for privacy :-) ). These are some of the cheapest Vera products that you can by. New prints sell for $12.00 and retiring prints are sold for $9.99. They come in every Vera pattern! I think that these would make great gifts for almost any occasion for a special friend or family member in your life. Since mine comes in so handy at college I might buy one for a friend who is graduating high school this spring!

2. Laptop Portfolio

     Out of all of my Vera items this one has probably gotten the most use! I have this laptop bag in "Very Berry Paisley" which is now a retired color, but Vera Bradley still makes this bag in all of their current colors! It's one of their more expensive items, for a new pattern it costs about $84.00 and for a retired print around $63.00. I honestly believe though that this bag is worth every penny, because it's one of the most well-made laptop cases around. Underneath the pretty print there is a ton of really think padding to keep your computer safe and sound. Seriously, you could throw this bag off of a cliff and your laptop would probably still be totally fine (Just don't try this at home :-) ). There's also two large handy pockets on either side of the bag. It makes a great airplane carry-on! Not only does it fit my computer but when I fly I'm usually able to stick a journal and a few books in the pockets as well.

3. Good Book Cover

     This is one of my newer Vera items. It was a Christmas gift from my parents last month. I gave them a couple names or prints that I liked, and they picked out this one, it's called "Indigo Pop." The official name for this product is "Good Book Cover" so I took it to mean that this was a cover designed for the good book of ALL good books... the bible! :-) I got my bible in Christmas 2006 so it's looking a little ratty now and I figured it was time to invest in something to protect it. Like my laptop case this has a large pocket on the outside under one of the handles, and the inside has a few beautiful ribbons sewn into the cover that you can use to mark the pages in whatever you're reading. It's roomy enough that I can keep my sermon notes journal in with it, or it would also be big enough to fit a few fiction books- perfect for a day of beach reading or travelling! Regular price for a new pattern is $34.00 and for sale patterns it's currently $20.40.

     Do y'all like Vera Bradley? Or is there a different brand of accessories that you're going nuts for?

     xoxo Miss ALK

     P.S. I finally have an updated "About Me" page... click here to check it out!



  1. Okay so we have really good family friends that live on a lake in Indiana. Every summer we would go there and the little boat shop on their lake would have all vera stuff because one of the ladies who was one of the founders had a house on the lake as well. (this was when I was in elementary school and Vera Bradley was really only popular in the Indiana area, no one else really knew about it) To be honest, I thought the stuff was hideous and looked like something my Grandma would use! Now I can't get enough of it :) My recent favorite purchase was the Grand Traveler. It's one of their more expensive pieces but I got it in one of the patterns they were retiring (which always helps). I don't have as many pieces as you do, but I def have a selection!

    1. Haha that's too funny! I thought it was kind of strange looking when it first became popular in my hometown, too. Although I have to say I think that the patterns have gotten prettier each year. :-)

      xoxo Miss ALK


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