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November 12, 2021


     Today (November 12th, 2021) is the day that Britney Spears's conservatorship is supposed to finally be dissolved in court. Everyone following the #FREEBRITNEY movement knows that this has been a very long time coming. Last month, I styled a Britney Spears concert t-shirt for the blog, and as soon as I remembered that her final conservatorship hearing was coming up, I decided to save these photos for today!

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      I have blogged about this before, but a recent fashion trend that I didn't get for awhile was the band or concert t-shirt trend. Over the past couple years I keep seeing so many fashion influencers styling oversized t-shirts for old rock bands. (TBH I'm guessing most of the bands aren't even being listened to by those wearing these shirts!) But my harsh stance against the band t-shirt trend totally came to halt this year on my birthday, when my friend Mercedes got me this Britney Spears Oops!...I Did It Again 2000 tour shirt. I am obsessed! I wanted to try to dress it up more than just throwing it on with jeans or shorts, so this outfit came together. I've had this snakeskin midi skirt for a couple years now, and it's become a fall staple for me! My suede jacket is another item I've had a few years, and I swear to you it's one of my best Amazon finds of all time. 

     Anyways, back to today for Ms. Britney Spears! Although she has been in a conservatorship over both her person and her estate for other a decade, it is finally most likely coming to an end today. Thanks to the #FREEBRITNEY movement, awareness has been raised on a much more broad level about what Britney has been dealing with for years. I'm not going to try to get into a full explanation of her whole conservatorship and the factors that lead to it- because 1.) that's a TON of info and 2.) I'm not the best person to explain it, even though I've been following the updates on Britney's legal situation for awhile. If you're curious about what's been going on with her to lead to today's court hearing, and what conservatorships actually are, I highly recommend listening to Toxic: The Britney Spears Story podcast! It's a 10 episode podcast that does an incredible deep dive into the early years of Britney's career, her mental health struggles in the mid 2000s, and what life has been like for her since she's been in the conservatorship. The two hosts of the podcast interview a lot of people who have been close to Britney, and many legal experts on conservatorships. It's an incredible podcast, and I can't recommend enough to give it a listen! 

     Fingers crossed that after today, Britney Spears will finally be a free woman! She's my favorite early 2000s pop artist, and I will forever be a fan. I actually got see her Las Vegas residency back in 2016, which was an amazing experience.

     For a quick personal note- I've barely been back in Virginia Beach for 48 hours post CMA Week in Nashville, and I'm hitting the road again this morning! I'm heading to North Carolina for the wedding weekend of two dear friends from Charlottesville. I have so much to share with you soon about what my first CMA Week was like- stay tuned on the blog this month!

     God Bless,



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  1. Same here! As much as I love my 90s pop bands and artists, I own very few concert/band shirts and the ones I do wear I mostly wear around the house or to the gym. Recently though (the last year or so), I've actually enjoyed styling some of them! I love the way you styled this shirt too! I'm also listening to that podcast - it's so interesting!


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