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December 2, 2020

Midweek Ramblings.


{Surprise!! I got a haircut this weekend! Follow me on Instagram @miss_alk}
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  • New haircut: Pictured above! I went in to get a hair trim and some more layers added over the weekend... but the hairstylist I saw recommended a bigger cut, as I had a little bit of damage on a lot of my ends from dyeing my hair blond over the past year. So I took about 5ish inches off! It's the shortest my hair has been in seven years- isn't that crazy?! I think I'll end up growing it out again, but I'm loving this length for now! I haven't curled it yet but I'm so excited to do so soon. 
  • Email pitch tips: My college advisor shared this article with the best email pitching tips on Linkedin this week that I thought was so helpful (especially for fellow bloggers who send pitches frequently!). I feel like business email etiquette is something I have a fairly good grasp on, but at the same time there's always more to learn and new techniques to use. 
  • Another plug for: My blog's Facebook group! If you haven't joined yet, come and say hi! I started this a few months ago as a way to connect better with SBIT reader friends, and it's been a blast so far. This week I'm also doing a FB group exclusive giveaway. 
Weekend recaps:
  • Last weekend: Thanksgiving Weekend- and it ended up being so much better than I thought! I'm planning to do a separate blog post soon about my Thanksgiving meal this year, but my roommate Abigail, myself, and Abigail's friend Annika (who works from home and has been one of the three people in our COVID bubble since March) had an absolutely wonderful day. I watched the Macy's Day parade in the morning, we all cooked an incredible Thanksgiving inspired brunch meal, and then we met up with some of Abigail and Annika's friends in their graduate program for a pickleball game in the evening. Such a blessing that a Thanksgiving in such a weird year was still such a joyful day! The rest of the holiday weekend was pretty quiet for me- I did most of my Black Friday shopping online this year, worked on my Cyber Week sales blog posts, and finally finished watching Gilmore Girls!
  • I didn't get very much on Black Friday/Cyber Weekend this year compared to how I've shopped in years past- really trying to be more cost conscious as things are still so uncertain with COVID, and mainly prioritize getting essential items. For example: one item I did buy a lot of was new underwear. 😂(I feel like that would be creepy/weird to link the exact ones I got lol.)
  • Sticking with the essentials theme, I also ordered some new layering camisoles! My old ones were all years old from Forever 21 and desperately needed replacing. 
  • These pajama sets aren't cheap, but since I've been wearing pajamas more than ever in 2020 I wanted to treat myself to finally try them. This color for the set was on sale on Black Friday so I grabbed them!
  • I did make one splurge/unnecessary purchase on Black Friday this year...but I'm so excited about it. A really fun top to wear on NYE this year! I always enjoy New Year's, but it's safe to say I'm even more excited than normal to welcome in another year this time- who is with me?! I doubt I'll be going to any parties, but even just being home I wanted to look cute and festive. I can't wait for this to arrive!
  • Love this cute plaid bow top! I saw it in one of the stores I went to on Black Friday. I didn't get it because it's not an item I need right now, but it sure is darling.  
  • I am going to a Kendra Scott Color Bar party in-store this weekend! (A masked event of course!) I'm not totally sure what I'll get yet, but leaning towards these winter statement earrings
  • I shared this 2020 themed Christmas ornament that I got on Etsy a few weeks ago on Instagram recently, and then I ended up down the wormhole of looking at similar ornaments. I love this cute 2020 ornament as well!
  • Lilly Pulitzer's holiday collection might be their best in a few years. If I had more events to attend this year, I'd be dreaming of this stylish green dress!
  • The perfect classic cable knit sweater dress. 

Currently reading: The Same Sky by Amanda Eyre Ward - After reading American Dirt last month, I wanted to read more novels on the subject of immigration from Mexico and Latin America. This one was well reviewed on Good Reads so I got it from the library. I'm only a little bit in so far, but enjoying it.

Recipe of the week: Pumpkin Pancakes from Martha Stewart - I will also be sharing this recipe again when I do a blog post all about my Thanksgiving brunch menu, but it's just too good not to share now as this week's recipe! These were the tastiest and fluffiest homemade pancakes I've ever made. They're divine with chocolate chips in them!

Song of the week: Hate The Way by G-Eazy ft. blackbear - I wouldn't say I'm a huge G-Eazy fan but I can't get enough of this song lately! I love blackbear's verses in it. 

Favorite blog posts of the week:
  • Carolina Charm - Christina shared the most helpful list of teacher gifts- which would also work well for co-workers, neighbors, etc! Obviously I don't have school aged kids or teachers to buy for right now, but I feel like I might use some of these ideas for others in my life.
  • Style Charade - Jenn shared the most classy and beautiful blue Kate Spade winter coat! It is a dream!
  • Chronicles of Frivolity - Katey shared her new blog closet reveal and oh my gosh- this space is a dream! I hope someday I can have a closet like hers!
On the blog this week:

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese


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