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December 4, 2020

Lilly Pulitzer Holiday 2020: Try-On + Sizing Guide! 💖🌴

     It's been a couple months too long since I've brightened up my blog and Instagram with some Lilly Pulitzer! I typically share most of my Lilly content in the spring and summer months (since it's when I'm wearing the most Lilly, and summer ends with an After Party Sale), but this year I think the holidays definitely need some more pink and green! In past years, I haven't been as into Lilly's holiday and winter collections. But this year that all changed! I was excited a couple weekends ago to spend an afternoon at Lilly Pulitzer River Road in Richmond shooting a dressing room try-on of all the gorgeous new arrivals.

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     I like to do in-store Lilly Pultizer try-ons like this one as a way to best be a shopping resource to you! As much as I love Lilly, I have noticed over the years that sizing definitely is varied between their various styles and fabrics. Some things are very true to size (TTS), while other items can run big or small. So I hope these guides are helpful to fellow Lilly lovers! I always come back and look at these posts to remember what items over the past year I liked and would want to buy discounted during the After Party Sales! 

     We used to have a Lilly Pulitzer store here in Charlottesville, but sadly it closed this spring. I've now started visiting the River Road store down in Richmond! Store manager Mackenzie and her staff are so sweet and helpful, and just like our former store they have wonderful and beautifully decorated assortment of the latest Lilly finds! 

      For sizing reference on this try-on: for my height I am just shy of 5"7, I have a 34C chest, and I typically wear a size 4 or 6 in clothing- just depends on the brand and fabric! Also- these photos were taken a few weeks ago, before my recent haircut. 😊

     While I do have a Lilly Pulitzer bathrobe that I love, I've yet to own a pair of Lilly pajamas. I get the hype now that I tried these on! Not only are the super soft and comfortable, but I love all of the color of course as well! I'm wearing size S here in both pieces, and while they did fit, I would go with a M or maybe even an L if I was purchasing these. I don't like my pajama pants and tops to be too tight, and these were on the tighter side on me, and would probably get more so after being washed. So I'd size up!

     *Mila Stretch Shift Dress in Lilly's Favorite Things - size 6
     The Mila dress is one of the most classic and beloved Lilly dress styles. I have a regular Mila shift already, but I really love the Stretch version of the dress! While I don't own this style myself yet, I can totally see myself purchasing this in 2021 once it's shift dress weather again. I think the Stretch style is a little more flattering in the stomach area than the original. And I love this gorgeous new print Lilly's Favorite Things!

     *Mistral Maxi Dress in Leidees Night - size S
     Isn't this maxi dress stunning?! The quality of it is fantastic as well. I will say- despite the bright colors this is definitely a fall/early spring dress, and not a summer dress. The fabric is very heavy and well-lined! But if you're looking to expand your fall or spring maxi dress collection, this would be a fabulous choice. It is a little on the lower cut side, but I didn't think it was too bad for everyday wear. 

     *UPF 50+ Sophie Dress in True Navy - size S
     The Sophie dress is another well-loved Lilly dress- probably one of their most popular casual cotton dress styles! It's also one of the most affordable dresses at full price. I have a couple Sophie dresses in my closet, although most of the ones I have are in more summery prints. I like this solid navy one for the cooler months! I do wear a S in the Sophie dresses, but it's more form-fitting. If I wanted a looser fit, I'd go up to an M. I loved styling this Sophie with this gorgeous vest and tassel necklace! This would work well as-is for warmer winter days, and you could pair it with tights and riding boots for cooler days.

     *Dotti Silk Ruffle Dress in True Navy Rainbow Multi Floral - size 4
     I think this dress is absolutely beautiful, but I'm always honest in my clothing reviews so I do have to share it was my least favorite dress I tried on. Here's the odd thing- I tried on several clothing items in similar metallic fabric, but this one was by far the most itchy! The fabric felt very rough on me. This dress runs a little large, size 4 fit me well. I do think it's absolutely beautiful to wear- I just personally found the other metallic pieces I tried on to be more comfortable. 
     How FUN is this dress?! So different for Lilly right! I snapped a picture of this to one of my best friends while I was in the fitting room, and she remarked how different it looked for Lilly. The puff sleeves are so fun, like a chic tribute to 1980s fashion, haha! I'm wearing a 6 here but this dress definitely runs small, I probably could've worn an 8 for a little more room. It just goes to show how much sizing can vary between the dress styles! This dress made me sad that this year won't hold normal holiday festivities- I would've loved to get it if I had more reason to wear it this December!

      *Portia Beaded Shift Dress in Juniper Green- size 6
     Oh this dress is so elegant and classic! Wearing it made me imagine that I could attending a swanky holiday cocktail party this season. Unlike the previous dress, this one did run a little large! I'm wearing a 6 here but definitely could've worn the 4. The green color is stunning and I'm not sure my iPhone camera did it full justice!

     *Darlah Silk Wrap Dress in Raz Berry- size 6
     This stunning dress was definitely one of my favorites I tried on!! If things were a little better with COVID and life was a little more normal, I 100% think I would've gotten it. The shimmery pink fabric is just so me! I will say- this one has a similar metallic fabric to the Dotti dress picture above, but I found it to be much less itchy to wear. The size 6 fit me like a glove. My fingers are crossed to see this in an After Party Sale soon!

     *Galiana Silk Top in Ocean Breeze Metallic - size M
     I think the beautiful Galiana top might've been my very favorite item of all! I felt like a mermaid princess wearing this top! This does run a little small shoulder-wise, so I sized up to an M. (It definitely runs smaller than Lilly's classic Elsa tops, which I think run large.) I love it paired with these white Kelly pants. What a classy way to still wear white in the winter! Another outfit that makes me sad I don't have the usual holiday gatherings this year. 

     *Jada Off-The-Shoulder Jumpsuit  in Onyx - size 6
     I don't own a Lilly jumpsuit, but this one might convince me I have to soon. You can't really see this part since I have the cashmere wrap on, but it's a gorgeous and flattering off-the-shoulder number! The 6 fit me perfectly. And oh my word- this cashmere wrap is stunning! It's definitely not cheap, but this is the type of thing you could have in your wardrobe as a classic item for years and years to come. I also love the black and pink color combo!

     Some of the wonderful River Road employees also pointed out to me a few fun holiday accessories that Lilly is doing this year, which I also wanted to share with you!

     I have a Lilly Pulitzer clutch that's similar that I've had for a few years (styled here!), and it's a staple purse in my wardrobe. I use it year round and it matches everything. Mine is in the same gold hue as the Kash Wristlet. Here's what I think makes the Kash way better than the clutch I have though. The PRICE point!! This is only $58! I don't remember the exact price of the one I have, but I want to say it was at least $100. This is such a steal! And I love how it's convertible and you can also carry just the smaller sparkly pouch. This is a must-buy for Christmas gifts I feel like!

      *Printed Johnny B Monkey in Lilly's Favorite Things
     How adorable is this stuffed monkey?! I wouldn't say that I'm a huge stuffed animal person as an adult, but I have saved a couple favorites from childhood and high school. I don't have them on display in my apartment currently, but if I ever got a larger place with a second bedroom, I think I'd put them all in the guest room. Anyways, I would totally add in the cute Johnny B Monkey to my little collection if I did have them out! How cute it is! This would also be a great gift for a Lilly-loving mom to be. 
     And I love this personal care kit! It contains a Lilly face mask, hand sanitizer, and a few other 2020 essentials. The pouch itself is clear and can easily be used for travel or sporting events/concerts once all of that eventually resumes. What a cute stocking stuffer!

     And there you have it- all my favorite Lilly Pulitzer new arrivals!! 💖🌴 I'd love to hear what your favorites are, or if you've purchased any of these. Fingers crossed there will be an After Party Sale in early January like there normally is- I'm already excited if so! Thank you again to the team at Lilly Pulitzer River Road in Richmond for having me come in! They are taking all safety precautions in their store, and I've felt so safe during all my COVID shopping trips. If you don't live locally or aren't ready to shop in person yet, their store ships as well!

    God Bless,

    xoxo Annaliese


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