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December 15, 2020

Home for the Holidays: Christmas Tree + Decor 2020.

     I can't believe it's already that time of year when I share my apartment Christmas decor on the blog! 2020 was the slowest year in some ways, and the fastest year in other ways. It seems like yesterday that I was sharing last year's version of this blog post. In past years, I've sometimes dressed up when sharing my apartment Christmas decor (I definitely did in 2017!). This year it only seemed fitting though to share this post while wearing festive pajamas... it is 2020 after all, and I've never spent more time at home. Welcome to our apartment!

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Pajamas tops c/o // Pajama bottoms c/o // Slippers c/o // Christmas tree // 2020 ornament // Book shelves // {Rest of ornaments and decor accumulated over the years- most from Hobby Lobby and At Home 😊}

      I was so excited to have the chance to include my roommate Abigail in this blog post! (Well, Delilah too... but she's on the blog quite often. 😸) After living alone for two and a half years, I moved into this current apartment with Abigail in September 2019. So technically last year's holiday season was our first one together as roommates. But it didn't feel the same as this year, as last year I went home to family for Thanksgiving, and then Abigail went home for Christmas. All that's changing this year! We are both from out-of-state; me of course from Maine, and Abigail is from the Midwest. Both of us spent Easter and Thanksgiving here in Charlottesville in 2020, and we are doing the same for Christmas as well. A very different holiday season from last year!

     Anyways, neither of us knew that we were signing up to be roommates during a pandemic when we moved in together last September! We had a perfectly normal time as new roommates for the first six months, then we went to NYC together with our girlfriends for one fateful last pre-pandemic trip the first weekend in March, and then the world shut down. Literally! It's been a challenging 9 months, and both Abigail and I have dealt with a lot in our own lives- some things related to life changes with COVID, other things not related. It's been quite a year for both of us. But I am so, so thankful that we have had each other! What a different and much lonelier year this would've been if I was still living alone in my former apartment. Abigail's company has been such a blessing! And I am also thankful to have a roommate who takes COVID-19 seriously, and has been up for open discussions about our comfort levels in our home at different points in the pandemic. 

      Anyways- I've kind of gone off track from talking about Christmas decor to chatting about my roommate, but I just wanted to give Abigail a proper shout-out since she isn't on my blog a lot! πŸ˜€She's the best! (And Delilah loves her too, although you can't tell that from how irritated she looks in these photos. I swear she's the happiest cat until a camera comes out!) Vera Bradley kindly gifted us these Christmas pajama sets with adorable slippers, and it's been so fun to have these to wear around the house this season. 

     As far as Christmas decor, I honestly kind of just repeated what I did last year. I only added a couple new decor pieces this year- the Christmas countdown decoration seen on the shelf, and a 2020 Christmas ornament from Etsy. I still really miss the glamorous and colorful Christmas ornaments and ribbons I used on my first couple Christmas trees (most recently seen in 2017!)- but I haven't used that decor since I got Delilah in 2018. Delilah was kinda bad with the Christmas tree for the first two years I had her, but this year she's barely noticed it! So maybe that means next year I'll be safe to set up my over-the-top tree decorations again. Fingers crossed! πŸ€žπŸ»πŸŽ„

    From our household to yours, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    Apartment Christmas decorations from the past years:
2019 // 2018 // 2017 // 2016 //

    God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 



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  1. Love the matching pajamas, they look so soft and cozy! And your cat is so cute!! Fun Christmas decorations! Having two cats I too am not able to put everything out but I'm used to it now (we've had them for about 10 years) and at least they seem to leave the tree alone now for the most part and just enjoy sleeping under it :)
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