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December 30, 2020

2020 NYE Outfit Fail.

      Although I have no plans for New Year's Eve this year, I still wanted to dress up in a pretty and sparkly outfit at home to celebrate the end of 2020. But in true fashion for this year, there was a bit of a mishap with the outfit I was hoping to wear at home. Fortunately, I got these outfit pictures before that happened, so I can at least share what I planned to wear with you today! 

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     I was never a big NYE person when I was younger, but since turning 21 and being able to go out to events and such I've definitely enjoyed it a lot more. The two best NYE I've ever had were probably 2017, when I went to a black tie gala with two of my college girlfriends in Charlotte, and 2019, when I attended a fun silent disco in downtown Charlottesville with my local friends. Last year I had plans again in downtown Charlottesville, but I had to cancel at the last minute when I had one of the worst migraines of my life on 12/31/19. I thought at the time that the head pain I was in was 2019's last laugh... now I realize I think it was foreshadowing for the year 2020 would be! 

     Anyways, I don't have any NYE plans this year as I'm trying to avoid indoor unmasked gatherings, and it's a bit cold in Virginia right now to be spending all night outdoors. So staying home it is! I originally still wanted a fun outfit to wear for staying in. Even though I didn't have plans, I thought maybe I could snap a few fun Instagram photos from my couch, and that a year as momentous as 2021 deserved a fun outfit, even with nowhere to go. So I ordered this sequin Free People top on Black Friday this year! It was definitely a splurge, but I thought it was gorgeous and something I could keep in my closet for future nights out post-pandemic for years to come. I was so excited to try it on for these photos a couple weeks ago.

     I only had it on for these photos for just a few minutes (I changed out of it as soon as I got home), but unfortunately a huge chunk of sequins on the left shoulder fell off!! I couldn't believe it. I had barely worn this top and it was already falling apart. This was actually the first Free People item I've ever bought, so it's safe to say I wasn't too impressed. I have several cheaper fast fashion sequin items that have held up much better than this! Boo. 

    Anyways, I still wanted to share these photos as my last outfit of 2020 on the blog. This is the year that I've probably done the fewest outfit posts ever (considering I didn't have many places to go aside from work), but I'm happy I still managed to knock out at least a few for each season of 2020. The coat that I'm wearing in a few of these photos was a Christmas gift to myself! There are just no coats quite like J. Crew coats, and when all of their outerwear was marked down to 50% off for a few days last month, I knew I had to treat myself. I can't wait to wear this pink coat all winter!

     Stay tuned tomorrow for my final blog post of 2020. Earlier in the week I recapped the year in my personal life, and tomorrow will be the year in review for blogging!

     God Bless,


      xoxo Annaliese 


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  1. First of all . . . so true, J-Crew coats are legit and when you can get 50% off all the better.
    I bought a coat last year from A&F and it looks good but does not have the warmth factor at all and I can tell outer bit is not going to hold up, even though I live in SoCal and it does not get heavily used.

    Bummer abt the NYE FreePeople top. To bad you can't return it that is a FLAW for sure.


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