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December 18, 2020

Barrington Gifts St. Anne Tote vs. Savannah Tote: Which Is Better?

     Over the past year, I have become a big fan of Barrington Gifts bags! They sell many items in their online boutique from luggage to accessories for him and her to diaper bags, but I feel their signature item and what they're best known for are their monogrammed and customized totes. And when it comes to Barrington totes, it really breaks down to two styles: the St. Anne and the Savannah. Today I'm comparing and contrasting both, and sharing why both are wonderful bags in their own right, yet also a little different from each other! There is an amazing Barrington promo happening right now, so I wanted to get this post up ASAP so you can take advantage.

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     First and foremost- I want to disclose I was gifted both bags I'm talking about today, but this post isn't sponsored! I love them each so much that I wanted to write this review today. If you're not familiar with Barrington Gifts, allow me the honor of introducing you! They are a Dallas, TX based company making gorgeous customizable bags and accessories for men and women. The leather portions of their items are made from real Florentine leather, and the patterned parts of the items are made from a super durable nylon canvas. The best part about Barrington is everything is customizable!! You pick the fabric colors, design and monogram. They have hundreds of options!
     I first learned about Barrington from bloggers several years ago (I can't remember which blogger introduced me first), and last year I finally got my first bag- the St. Anne! (That's the one pictured above with the navy checkered print and pink monogram, the slightly bigger of the two.) 

     This is the classic Barrington tote style. A blogger friend told me they used to be sold back in the day only without a zipper, but as long as I've had mine there have always been zipped and unzipped options. I chose to go with the zipper, so it would be safer to use for travel in places like airports where I wouldn't want an open bag. This bag has three slip pockets inside, as well as one large zippered pocket inside (no exterior pockets). It also comes with its own dust bag for storage and protection. It is 20 inches long, and very roomy. You can easily fit a laptop in here as well as a variety of other things. Just like the Savannah, both are incredibly lightweight!

     The St. Anne's slightly smaller sister, and my newest Barrington tote! (This is the navy plaid bag with the circle monogram pictured above). Unlike the St. Anne, the Savannah does have an exterior pocket on the backside, as well as the same interior pockets. It's 17 inches long, so slightly smaller than the St. Anne, but still plenty of room to hold a laptop or lots of other items if needed. There honestly isn't much of a weight difference between the two bags! The Savannah only comes in a zipped version. 

     ....both?! 🙈👜Haha for real though, they're both awesome! And the differences between them aren't very stark. It kind of just depends what your specific bag perferences are. Do you think you'll really use the exterior pocket (it is handy!)? If so, go with Savannah. If you definitely want an open and unzipped bag, you'll have to pick St. Anne as that's the only one that has that option. It will come down to the nitty gritty, as there isn't a price difference between the two, and both are fully customizable with the colors and monogramming!

     The reason I wanted to get this post up today is because Barrington Gifts currently has an amazing promo running! I'm not sure how long this code will be good for... it might run into next week, or it might end this weekend. I wouldn't delay if you want to take advantage! Use code LATE25 for 25% off any Barrington Gifts purchase!!! Their items don't go on sale often and I think they're worth every penny, so this is an amazing savings. The only catch is delivery will be after Christmas. But hey- think of it as a belated Welcome 2021 gift to yourself! 

     Do you have a Barrington Gifts bag yet? I love both of these- but I want another next year that's in more summery colors! Of course navy can be worn year round, but I'd love to have another tote in more lighter colors and with the lighter leather for the warmer months. Will I get the Savannah or St. Anne for my third tote- that's the real question! 😉

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


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