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November 5, 2020

Monticello Wine Trail: Glass House Winery

     I am so excited to finally bring you a full review on one of my very favorite Charlottesville wineries! Glass House is not only an incredibly unique and beautiful place to visit, but the wines are phenomenal as well. It's a must-visit in my opinion if you're coming to Charlottesville! 

     Glass House Winery is without a doubt one of the most unique and charming wineries in the whole state of Virginia. It quickly became a favorite of mine from my first visit! Glass House Winery quite literally is partially composed of a glass house, which is in the form of a tropical greenhouse! The indoor seating next to the tasting room is located in the greenhouse. It is truly a magical experience to enjoy a glass of their wonderful wine while being surrounded by gorgeous tropical plans of every shape and size. Glass House also offers small weddings inside of their greenhouse- doesn't that sound like a lovely ceremony or reception venue?! And if you're not feeling like drinking wine indoors (or maybe you aren't ready to be indoors with COVID), Glass House also has a plethora of outdoor seating options! They have lots of spots on their back deck, and a ton of lovely seating areas right next to their pond as well. Basically it's a win/win whether you're indoors or outdoors here!

    Now let's actually talk about the wines. I have tried a lot of wines since moving to Virginia in 2018, so I think it's a pretty big honor to say that Glass House is home to my favorite Virginia wine. Their Signora wine is incredible, and everything that a white wine should be in my opinion. It's crisp, not too dry and not too sweet, and has just a hint of fruit to it. It reminds me of summertime, but I enjoy drinking it in other seasons too! In addition to the fabulous Signora, Glass House has several other phenomenal red and white wines to choose from, and two different rosés.

    The icing on the cake to their wonderful wines are their house-made chocolates! Glass House employs a chocolatier who comes up with fancy and delicious gourmet chocolates, that pair perfectly with their wines. Boxes of Glass House chocolates also make phenomenal gifts ideas! 

     I definitely wouldn't give the following recommendation about all Charlottesville wineries- but I truly think Glass House is a place that all will enjoy a visit to- that includes those who do and don't drink! Honestly, I probably wouldn't spend nearly as much time checking out Charlottesville wineries as I do if I didn't drink (what fun would that be?). But I'm pretty sure that I would enjoy visits to Glass House whether I drank alcohol or not. The incredible greenhouse and lovely outdoor spaces are great for anyone to enjoy (wine or not!), and everyone can also enjoy the chocolates as well. It's just a lovely little oasis to spend an hour or two there, and I really do think this one is a must-visit in the Charlottesville area. 

     Since this is a smaller winery, if you're planning to visit with a wine tour bus or large group (like a Bachelorette), I would definitely call first and see if they can accommodate. If you're just visiting in a smaller group, no need to make a reservation or worry about finding space, especially if you're willing to be outdoors.  

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     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


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  1. OMG this sounds amazing! I LOVE the fact that they sell chocolate too. Right up my alley.


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