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November 16, 2020

2020 Gift Guides: FOR HER

    Welcome to Southern Belle in Training's first 2020 Gift Guide: Gifts for Her! I'm officially making this Gift Guide Week on the blog. 😊🎄Instead of breaking things down into very specific and separate gift guides for friends, sisters, moms, etc... I decided to keep it simple and just do all of my recommendations into this one: Gifts for Her! These 20 gifts are at a variety of price points ($10-200), and there's all different types of things featured, so there is bound to be something in the mix that a woman in your life would enjoy receiving this year. 

    Stay tuned later this week for Gifts for Him, and a Book Gift Guide for Her as well! Next week or the week after I'm also planning to share a Virtual and Experience Gift Guide which I'm excited about as well.

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1.  Vera Bradley Mask // 2. Volcano dupe candle // 3. Pearl bow earrings // 4. Swig travel mug // 5. Vera Bradley crossbody/wristlet // 6. Too Faced holiday beauty set // 7. Revlon blow-dryer brush // 8. Lilly Pulitzer hoop earrings // 9. Kendra Scott necklace // 10. Macbook case // 11. Hollis makeup bag // 12. Lilly Pulitzer key chain // 13. Dayspring apron // 14. Anthropologie initial mug // 15. Honey + Hank pillow // 16. IT Cosmetics brush set // 17. Lululemon headband // 18. Fondue pot // 19. Monogrammed fleece pullover // 20. Barrington St. Anne tote

1. - I've tried many brands of reusable cloth face masks since this spring, and the Vera Bradley masks remain my favorites that I've tried. They're so lightweight and comfy, and they come in tons of fun Vera patterns. This is a great stocking stuffer! 

2. - The Capri Blue Volcano candles smell absolutely divine, but they come with a hefty price tag. This summer my roommate Abigail found the absolute best smelling under $10 candle at Walmart that I think is a really good dupe for the Volcano ones! This one does smell slightly different than the real thing

3. - I love J. Crew and J. Crew Factory jewelry- I find it to be well made for the price point and the perfect balance between classic and trendy! These little pearl bow earrings and darling and can frequently be found on sale. 

4. - I have had my fair share of travel mugs but this Swig one is by far my favorite! I even like it better than my Yeti. Not only does it keep my tea (or any hot beverage) hot for hours, but I love the handle and it comes in many fun patterns and colors!

5. - I just got one of these RFID crossbody (and converts into a wristlet!) purses  from Vera Bradley about a month ago and it's already become a go-to weekend purse for me. I can't wait until travel can really resume because I know I'll be using it all the time on trips since it's so compact and lightweight. It's tough for me to find small purses that fit my max sized iPhone as well as everything else I need, but this one does. 

6. - I am a sucker for holiday beauty sets from just about any brand- but the ones that Too Faced does everywhere are special favorites of mine. They just go above and beyond with their cute holiday packaging, and they give a really generous amount of products in them too. This would be a lovely choice for a makeup lover, or someone wanting to expand her makeup collection!

7. - I don't own this iconic hair tool myself yet, but I might honestly buy it with Christmas money this year since I continue to hear so many positive reviews of it, both from other bloggers and from some of my friends! It's under $50, and I'm sure it'll be a much-wanted gift this season. 

8. - I got these earrings last winter, and they've become one of my most-worn pairs this year! Every woman needs a classic pair of gold hoops. The quality on these is amazing and they don't tarnish at all, and they're also lightweight. I feel like Lilly Pulitzer jewelry doesn't get the hype it deserves!

9. - If you take one thing away from this gift guide- trust me when I say you can never go wrong with gifting Kendra Scott jewelry to your mom, sister, best friend... any woman in your life really! Kendra jewelry is wonderful and they have so many different styles to fit every woman's personal style. Some of their pieces are preppy, some are very edgy, some are colorful, and some are neutral. I love all of my Kendra jewelry (so much so that I had a Color Bar party at my local store for my birthday in 2019!). I really like this fun colorful heart necklace, but honestly anything Kendra is always a gifting win. 

10. - My Macbook case is from the best Etsy shop, and I always recommend it to friends who need laptop cases! They have tons and tons of unique color and designs. My case is now like four or five years old and still in amazing condition!! The one thing to be mindful of if you do buy from this store is to make sure you order the right size case (since Macbooks vary in size from year to year). 

11. - I bought a Hollis makeup bag set last year at this time and I've absolutely loved it! Not only do they look very chic, but they're very easy to clean on the inside, which has been a problem for me with other makeup bags. Plus you're supporting a small business! Great gift for the travel and beauty lover.

12. - An affordable Lilly item that's a great stocking stuffer or white elephant gift! I am obsessed with my Lilly o-ring keychain and plan to order another one when my current one gets too old. I've had other Lilly keychain styles in past years, but this is definitely my favorite one I've tried. 

13. - How darling is this pretty apron?! I feel like cute aprons are something that most aspiring chefs and bakers like myself love to have and wear, but rarely treat ourselves to. That's why they make great gift items!! I save my cutest aprons for entertaining (although there hasn't been much of that in 2020... hopefully they'll get more use next year!). 

14. - Not all mugs are created equal. There's just something special about an Anthopologie mug- they do mugs so well and always have the cutest designs. Who wouldn't love one of their initial mugs?! My side of the kitchen cabinets is currently overflowing with mugs, but I could always make room for a new Anthro one. 

15. - Honey + Hank is one of my favorite small businesses I collaborated with on the blog this year! I love how most of their designs pay a hidden tribute to a certain state or all 50 states (like this hydrangea pattern that I own and that's featured above). Their pillows are one of the pricier items in this gift guide, but I can't say enough good things about mine and I think they'd make a lovely gift for a special woman.

16. - I've tried my fair share of makeup brushes over the years, and my favorites continue to be from IT Cosmetics! They always do such fun gift sets around the holidays, and it's a great time to purchase them. This would also be a great gift for yourself if your brushes need some refreshing. 

17. - I never owned anything Lulu in my life before my birthday a few months ago, when I treated myself to my first pair of leggings. (They're divine and I totally get the hype now!) I also picked up a headband that day, and dare I say I love it even more than the leggings?! It's my go-to for tennis and Jazzercise now! Their headbands are under $15 and would be the perfect gift for a fitness lover that you know. 

18. - One of my favorite gifts I've ever received from a friend was this fondue pot! My friend Eden got it for me in 2018. I always hosted the most girls' nights and dinners for our friend group, so Eden thought I'd be the most likely out of the friends to actually use it, and she was right! It's been so fun to experiment with different fondues, and this is something I never would have bought for myself. (Sadly the fondue pot hasn't gotten much use in 2020, but I'm hoping this winter to use it more, even if just for me and my roommate!)

19. - For the monogram lover in your life, how about a stylish yet cozy monogrammed fleece pullover to keep her warm this winter? I love the Alfonso Designs shop so much- shop owner Stef had sent me some cute items to style this summer that I still wear all the time. (Spoiler alert: she may or may not be a sponsor for an upcoming holiday giveaway on Instagram!)

20. - This is the most expensive item on the gift guide at just under $200, but definitely one of my very favorites on here. I love my Barrington Gifts totes! I have the monogrammed St. Anne featured here in the guide- that's there classic style. I also just got a Savannah bag that I'm also loving... I'll have a comparison post up about the two styles soon. You can't go wrong with anything Barrington. 

     I hope this gift guide was helpful for your holiday shopping. This kicks off Gift Guide Week 2020 on the blog- Gifts for Him is coming up next! 

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


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  1. I'm buying that Kendra Scott heart necklace for myself for Christmas ;)


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