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November 19, 2020

2020 Gift Guides: FOR HIM

     Gift Guide Week continues today- let's chat gifts for all the guys! Dads, brothers and brothers-in-law, guy friends, and boyfriends.  For today- I did want to share a mix of a few things that I've bought my dad in past years, and a few fun items that I'd buy for a significant other if I was seeing someone right now.      

     So funny story about today's guide. For the past few years, I haven't done a dedicated men's guide. Why you ask? Well- I don't feel very qualified to do so! 😂 I've only bought a Christmas gift for a romantic interest for once in my life. (One Christmas out of 26 of them... yes that's sad I know! #ForeverSingle) I don't have any brothers or brother-in-laws, and my guy friends and I don't typically do Christmas gifts. So that just leaves my dad! And he's an interesting one to buy for. He's not a fan of any sports (for real), and also isn't into some of the typical guy pastimes like hunting or fishing. So I always have to get a little more creative when thinking of what to get my dad. Some of my favorite gifts I've bought him have actually been experience gifts- I'll have a separate blog post on those ideas coming soon. 

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1. - I thought this cord holder was such a unique gift, and I liked how there was a wide array of color choices, and you could also monogram it if you liked. It is perfect for any guy who travel frequently. I got this for my dad last year for Christmas!

2. - This scarf might not be every guy's taste, but if you're dating a guy with more preppy or classic style (or if that's your dad or brother) I think you can't go wrong with giving him a plaid scarf for the holidays and winter. 

3. - I have had a Yeti for a couple years now, and it's great! These truly work so well for keeping hot beverages hot. 

4. - I am a sucker for any guy wearing Vineyard Vines. 😍Haha! Future boyfriend/husband- I hope that's what you wear! If I was dating someone right now, there's a heavy chance if they were into Vineyard Vines, I'd get them that for most occasions, Christmas included! 

5. Slippers are always a hit when it comes to Christmas gifts for my dad. In a year when we are spending more time at home than ever before, I truly think you can't go wrong with them this year!

6. - Another gift I have gotten for my dad, I think I got him a similar Kiehl's set two or three years ago. I feel like guys often neglect to have any sort of a skincare routine or splurge on nice lotions, soaps, shaving creams, etc. This could be a fun gift for the guy that has everything but never thinks to get these things.

7. Some girlfriends and I have a running joke about how every guy on dating apps seems to list The Office as his favorite TV show. I've been on many dates myself through the years with guys obsessed with quoting it. If a guy in your life is also crazy about the show, what about a mug with a classic quote from it? 

8. - Jesus Calling is a great little devotional, and wonderful to gift to someone who is new in their faith or finding their way back to faith (I've given it before to girl friends in those situations!). The cover for this edition definitely has a masculine feel to it. 

9. - I worked in retail during the summers in college at a little art and home goods boutique in my hometown in Maine. We carried these Whiskey Stones and would sell out of them all the time, they were such a popular item for the guys who visited the store! These are a wonderful gift for the guy who loves whiskey or other similar spirits. 

10. My dad actually bought me this speaker after he got one for himself and loved it so much! I know Amazon Alexa and Google Home are becoming commonplace in more and more homes, but if a guy you know doesn't have one of those, he might really like this. It's portable and holds a charge, and can easily hook up to his phone. 

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


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