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January 14, 2020

My Best Purchases of 2019.

     2019 was a great year for me in terms of discovering new products to make my life easier or better! Just about everything featured here are things that I'm using on a weekly, if not daily basis! I truly love each and every one of these things, and hopefully you will also. In past best purchases of the year posts I number the items randomly, but this time I did it in order of how much I love the items! So #1 is my favorite purchase of the year, #2 is second favorite, etc. But with that said- I really do love everything on the list!

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     1. Blue Light Glasses - You've heard me gush about them throughout the year on Instagram Stories, and you've also seen my praises being sung of these in a dedicated blog post all about them. So it shouldn't be any surprise that blue light glasses are my #1 best purchase of 2019! I got my first pair in March and they changed my life- no joke! Working as a morning radio host, I spend 5-6 hours a day sitting behind not one, but four computer monitors. That's a lot of blue light in my eyes early in the mornings! And this doesn't include the time that I spend behind my personal laptop in the afternoons and evenings for blog stuff. I found last winter that I was dealing with a lot of eyestrain, and that was also starting to cause some headaches for me in the mornings. Since starting to wear blue light glasses at work things have been much better! These are the exact pair that I have and love from Zenni, but these are from Amazon and very similar/cheaper.

    2. Impress Press-On Nails - These were so close to being my favorite item of the year- they're second only to my blue light glasses... and it's a close second to be honest! This is another product that I rave about all the time on Instagram Stories. I promise a full blog post review of them is coming soon! If you also love having your nails done but don't love painting them yourself or spending tons of money at salons, these are for you! They're affordable, work well, don't damage your nails, come in tons of colors... the amazing qualities about them are endless.

    3. Lilly Pulitzer S'well Bottle - S'well bottles work incredibly well with keeping beverages cold for long periods of time! They're 100% worth the money. I was so excited when they brought back the Lilly Pulitzer collaboration in 2018, I finally was able to get my hands on two of them in 2019. That collaboration is currently discontinued again, but I still highly recommend getting a S'well bottle even if it's not Lilly. This item also made my list of most unexpected favorite Lilly Pulitzer purchases.

    4.  Bella Electric Tea Kettle - My friend Kelly got one of these tea kettles last winter, and I immediately became obsessed with it. I had an electric kettle already, but it was not cute at all and it was also kind of on its last leg. The Bella Electric Tea Kettles work well and are so cute! My parents bought my roommate and I one as a housewarming gift for our new apartment, and we use it multiple times a day. I think this would also make a fantastic housewarming or wedding gift!

    5. Kate Spade Card Wallet - I previously had a few wallets that I love, but they're all quite large. They fit fine in my Tory Burch work bag, but on weekends I prefer to use my smaller crossbodies, and all of my wallets were too big to fit in most of my small bags. I finally got a tiny Kate Spade card wallet in one of their Surprise Sales last year, and it's a game changer! It can fit a few cards and a little cash comfortably, and it's perfect to take along when you're using a small purse. They're a little pricy at full price- the time to buy these is definitely during a Surprise Sale. 

    6. Tory Burch Miller Sandals - A very basic (and probably overpriced) item, but I loved them last year nonetheless! The amount of times that I wore them definitely justified the high price to me. I bought my pair at a Tory Burch store in New York City last winter, and got a ton of wear out of them last spring, summer, and even early fall! They can easily be dressed up or down. Worth the hype in my opinion! 

    7. J. Crew Factory Block Heeled Sandals - I was totally influenced to buy these! Yes- bloggers can be influenced by influencers. 😂Krista from Covering the Bases raved about these in 2018, and when she posted that they came back in 2019 I had to give them a try. I got them in black, and I wore them all the time in the summer! I pretty much switched between these and my Miller sandals for work footwear in the warmer months. My friend Emily got matching ones in black as well, and also has loved them. They aren't currently available, but my fingers are crossed J. Crew Factory will bring them back for 2020 so I can get them in other colors!

    8. Lilly Pulitzer Round Key Ring - Yet another item from my unexpected Lilly Pulitzer favorites post that also made my top 10 for the year! My friend Courtney gave me one of these key chains for my birthday and I'm absolutely obsessed. I didn't see any of these in the most recent Lilly After Party Sale, but I'm hoping they'll have them in the summer one so I can stock up on more of them!  

    9. Charleston Tea Plantation Peach Tea - I am a huge drinker, and I discovered a new tea I love this year! I got to visit the Charleston Tea Plantation back in September when I was traveling in the area. Their teas are phenomenal! You can buy them in the gift shop on the property, or you can find them all on Amazon! All of their teas are delicious, but the Peach one is just incredible. I've literally been dreaming about it since I ran out from the bags I bought in Charleston- clearly I need to make an Amazon order soon. 

   10. Yogalicious Leggings - I'm pretty sure this was another blogger influenced product that I bought- I think I found these through Katey of Chronicles of Frivolity if I remember right. They are fantastic workout leggings! They aren't see through, are very comfortable to wear, and hold up well after multiple washes. They're also quite lined- they kept my legs nice and warm on all the fall hikes I went on this year. They're honestly perhaps a little too warm to wear for summer outdoor activities, but great leggings to wear as athleisure in the colder months! They come in a ton of colors besides for black.

     You can also check out my past favorite purchases from 2017 and 2018! Many of these items I still use weekly and daily.

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 



  1. I've always wanted an electric kettle, but I wondered if I would actually use it enough to justify buying one! The one you have is so pretty and I bet it would look so nice out on the counter.

  2. These are great finds! I recently got a pair of yogalicious leggings as well, they're fabulous! And also loving my s'well bottle! Would love to visit the Charleston tea plantation!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Ellibelle's Corner

  3. Soo many good purchases! I am obsessed with my Tory Burch Millers. I’ve had them longer than I’ve been married and they still look perfect. I need this darling kettle.

  4. I need to invest in a pair of Tory Burch sandals i'm glad to hear you love them so much and think they are worth it!
    Xo, Kelsey

  5. I loved my blue light glasses it 2019 too- such a small change that makes a big difference!



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