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January 4, 2020

LILLY PULITZER AFTER PARTY SALE: Winter 2020 In-Store Try-On + My Shopping List!

     Happy Winter 2020 After Party Sale!! The in-store preview events kicked off at Lilly Pulitzer stores this morning, and of course the online sale will be debuting at 8am on Monday. I stopped by my local Lilly Pulitzer store in Charlottesville this weekend to do a try-on with some items! You can also see the video version of this on my Instagram in a little IGTV video.

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     I have also shopped in-store at Charlottesville Lilly Pulitzer for the two previous September After Party Sales, but this was my first time in-store at my local store for the Winter APS. The store had only a fraction of APS merchandise compared to what they had in September, so there are a lot less photos here than my previous APS try-on posts. For example, there weren't any classic shifts in my store, and a very limited selection on Luxletic athleisure apparel too. 

     Even though there was less APS merchandise to shop early in-store, I still had a wonderful shopping experience thanks to the great sales associates at the Charlottesville store! I didn't end up purchasing any of the clothing pictured, but I did purchase several smaller accessories, and I'm looking forward to getting some new Lilly clothing items in the online sale on Monday.

    Right now the links for the items I tried on link back to the general Lilly Pulitzer website- as soon as the online sale opens Monday I'll update the links to exact items!

    Here's what I tried on this time around:

     I liked this dress on a lot more than I thought I would! It's very flattering and so cute for summer! This is something I might actually be on the hunt for on Monday, depending on how many other things I find that I also want to get. The main reason I didn't get this is that my local store didn't have my correct size! I'd be an S in this, and I'm trying on a M, which was too big.

     *Daryn Sweater in Island Jungle Multi Stripe - orig. $98, APS $44
     I've tried a lot of Lilly Pulitzer items over the years, but one thing I've actually never tried is their sweaters! I really loved the colors in this one! The pink stripes especially popped with my hunter boots. Under $50 isn't a bad price point either. The main reason I didn't get it is because I already own so many sweaters, and it's been a really mild winter so far in Virginia so I haven't even been wearing most of them much. I'm wearing the S here and it was a little snug, I would've probably gotten an M for a more relaxed fit.

     *Elsa top in Mandevilla Pink - orig. $158, APS $74
     *Anika High Rise Pants in Black - orig. $108, APS $49
     This Elsa is in such a pretty pink pattern! I already own a few Elsa tops, and while I do think they are so elegant to wear, I rarely wear them because they are silk. They can stain easily and have to be dry cleaned, which is something I don't do often since I wear such casual clothes to my day job. ☹️Since I already own a few (including two pink ones!) that I don't wear much, I didn't take this one home. This Elsa is actually an XS- the ones I own are all size S but they fit loosely!
     This black pants were very comfortable and flattering- I'm wearing a size 6 here. I recently did purchase both new dress pants and new black jeans so they weren't something I needed, but I think the price point is great.

     My most unexpected in-store find!! I totally fell in love with this sweater dress! Wearing my normal size S. It is so flattering and I love the bow details! I probably would've snagged this if it was under $50, but I already own another black sweater dress and this one felt a little too similar to get at that price point. 

     *Shea Silk Dress in Cabernet Berry - orig. $248, APS $109
     I liked this dress a lot more then I thought I would after trying it on! I'm wearing size 4 and it fit perfectly. This is also a really good deal as its significantly marked down from its original price! As I shared above with the Elsa top, I don't love buying silk clothing items due to needed to dry clean them and having to be mindful with wear, so I didn't take this one home.

     Oh my word- this color pink!! I am obsessed! Seriously one of my very favorite colors, and Lilly does hot pink so well. This top is at an incredible price point- I am still debating today whether I made the right decision not to buy it or not. I'm wearing the size S here! Why didn't I get it? 1.) It's silk, and I've already shared my thoughts in this post about silk clothing items being impractical and 2.) You don't see it that well in this photo based on how I angled myself, but it was very low cut on me. Lately I've been trying to be more mindful about buying clothing items that show a generous amount of cleavage (unless something is a bathing suit or evening dress, I'm not interested in that!), so that was the main reason I didn't get it. Despite it being silk and low cut, I still thought it was so cute!! Maybe I will get it after all on Monday haha! 

     And as far as my shopping list for Monday online? It's actually still not 100% solidified this time! I'd definitely love another pair of Luxletic leggings, since I wear the few pairs I already own so often for working out. Other then that, I have ideas of things I'd like to score, but I'm not getting my hopes up or list too specific this time around! Just excited to shop! 😊

     I'll have another fun After Party Sale related blog post live on Monday that I hope you'll stop back for! And thanks again in advance to all of you who will be shopping the sale through my blog's affiliate links. I appreciate that more than you know!!!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


  1. I have a top with the gold detail. It is Soooo itchy! Were the silk top and silk dress with the gold detail scratchy/itchy? The top I have is an older silk top so I’m hoping they’ve improved since then!

    1. I didn't find it to be itchy at all! Hope that helps! :)

  2. Ahh I love all of these Lilly picks! I stopped by our store and they didn't have much either. I am so excited for the sale Monday. :)


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