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January 6, 2020

LILLY PULITZER AFTER PARTY SALE: 5 Lilly Unexpected Favorite Purchases.

     Happy First Day of the Winter 2020 After Party Sale!! 🎉Who is ready to shop at 8am this morning when the sale queue opens? (If you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about- see this blog post!) 

     I'll be updating this post later today with my sale picks once the website opens and I can link them, but until then I wanted to do something different on the blog today for this After Party Sale. I'm sharing my five most unexpected favorite Lilly Pulitzer purchases from over the years. Obviously Lilly is known for their classic and colorful shift dresses, but they also make so much more apparel and accessories as well! Some of the items I'm highlighting today are older and the exact thing might still not be in stock, but I'll try linking a very similar other option instead if that's the case.

{Photo originally from this post}

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5 Unexpected Favorite Lilly Pulitzer Purchases:

     1. Luxletic Leggings: One of my absolute favorite Lilly Pulitzer items, and since I can wear leggings to workout year round I honestly probably wear them even more frequently per year than I do my favorite Lilly dresses! This is what I'm wearing in the photo above! I honestly didn't have great expectations for these when I got my first pair back in 2017. I mainly just got them because they were on sale at a Lilly signature store I visited, and I liked the print. I assumed the quality would be terrible. I couldn't have been more wrong! The quality on these leggings is incredible. They are so comfortable and lightweight to wear for working out, and they hold up incredibly well after multiple washes! I now own three pairs, including the one pictured above. Hoping to score a fourth pair today in the APS!

     2. S'well Bottle: I missed out on the first Lilly Pulitzer x S'well water bottle collaboration a few years ago, but I didn't miss out in 2018 when they brought back another collaboration! I never really saw the point of fancy water bottles before buying one of these, but I'm officially hooked. I loved my first Lilly S'well so much that I bought a second one last summer just so I could have two! S'well bottles are really high quality and truly do keep your water or other beverage cold for many hours. And I love how now have two water bottles in fun Lilly Pulitzer prints! Hoping that these will make an appearance in the APS today! 

     3. Travel Mug: Sadly this is an older item and Lilly doesn't currently have anything super similar for sale, but I still wanted to include it in my list as it's a longtime favorite item of mine, and I'd recommend getting one if they ever bring it back! Years ago in college I purchased a Lilly Pulitzer porcelain travel mug, and I still use this weekly to this day. It's held up extremely well, and I love taking my tea to work in such a colorful and fun mug.

     4. Bathrobe: I am a huge bathrobe enthusiast, and I'm also a Lilly Pulitzer enthusiast... so it only made sense that I eventually invested in a Lilly robe! The robe style that I have is pretty short and lightweight, and it's become my top choice robe to wear around the house in the spring and summer months. You can see a picture of the one I have in this blog post! Even if you're not a huge bathrobe person, I think this robe might convince you.

     5. Round Key Chain: My friend Courtney gave this to me as a birthday gift in September, and I love it so much that I'm hoping to score a couple others to keep as back-ups in the APS! This round key chain is so practical and so cute! Now that I've gotten so used to using it I'm not sure how I got by for so long with only using regular key chains. I've had other Lilly key chain styles in years past, but this one is by far the best design.

     Now that the sale is open, here are my top picks for you:







      Also please be sure to check out my friend Gentry's blog Girl Meets Bow today- she's a fellow Lilly lover and in her new blog post today she is sharing an awesome try-on of sale pieces with her local Lilly signature store! Gentry is not only one of my favorite bloggers but also a dear friend- her Lilly Pulitzer posts are always some of my very favorites. 

      God Bless,

       xoxo Annaliese



  1. I am obsessed with my round key chain- I never knew I could love something so much!! :) You are right- an unexpected but such a good buy!

  2. What a fun post idea! I really need some of these leggings for after the baby comes. I feel like I will live in leggings. Also, I need the bathrobe. I wear one everyday.

  3. ooooh! This sale is always so epic with so many great pieces!!!

    Xx Rebecca //

  4. I love the APS but sadly will not be shopping this month because I bought WAY too much in the fall LOL!

  5. I love the luxletic leggings and I have a Lilly silk robe and love it! Great suggestions, Annaliese!


  6. This is so cute! I love Lilly so much and just got a new shift dress! <3 Considering decorating my home with more Lilly things too!

    Theresa Ann ///


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