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January 27, 2020

Charlottesville Apartment Tour: Before/After Pictures of My New Place!

     I'm excited to finally share the before and after shots of my new Charlottesville apartment on the blog today! I suppose "new apartment" is a loose term... I moved in during Labor Day Weekend which was already several months ago, and this apartment is much older than my previous one. 😂But either way- it's still my newest home! 

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    I live now in a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment- still here in the Charlottesville area. Today I'm sharing pictures of the living room, dining room/kitchen, and my bedroom! I didn't feature my roommate's room and bathroom, or my bathroom (both of us have super small bathrooms- I miss the large one from my last apartment!).  

     I'm definitely no interior decorator or home decor blogger, but I do enjoy sharing photos of the apartment homes that I've had over the years here on the blog. I'm still years away (possibly a decade or more?) from even considering buying a house, but I think I've gotten fairly good at figuring out what my apartment decor style is, and making each of my temporary residences a home. It's also really fun to look back on all the apartment tours of my past places- like a digital scrapbook for me! 

Living Room:

     I brought my couch and coffee table ottoman over from my former apartment living room, as well as the pink and white chest (it was in the dining room in my former place). My roommate bought us the white bookshelves- I'll be doing a separate blog post soon on how I styled and color coded them. One thing that I do love about this new living room is that it has cathedral ceilings, which makes it look bigger! And the natural light is great- honestly that's a nonnegotiable for me with apartments now that I've had such good light in the past two. 
    Also important to note that these photos were taken a couple months ago, when I was in between TVs! If you missed it, my cat Delilah broke my flatscreen living room TV in September. I got a new one from my parents for Christmas, but in the months between my roommate and I hung a mirror between our bookshelves. 

Dining Room / Kitchen:

     This is the same dining table I've had in my past two apartments, but both of the chairs that I used to have with it actually broke before I moved, so my roommate's family found these new brown wooden chairs and gave them to us when we moved in. I kept the same wall art that I had in the dining room of my last apartment- the paintings are from At Home! They remind me so much of Lilly Pulitzer and I love them.


     I really like my bedroom in the new place! Sadly I don't have a walk-in closet anymore which is the one big downside, but the room itself is bigger and I like the square shape of it (my last apartment had a rectangular bedroom). Just like the living room, it's also full of natural light thanks to a huge window! I still have the same bedroom furniture as my past few apartments (it was all college graduation gifts), but I think I've arranged it differently in each bedroom I have which keeps it fun. I also loved doing the DIY polka dot border above my bed- this blog post is a tutorial on that!

     Hope that you enjoyed this look into my new place! Most of the furniture and decor items are either a few years old already or were purchased used, but I'm linking the few items that are still in stock below. I hope these photos can still provide inspiration if you're decorating a home or apartment on a budget and like my style! 😊

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 



  1. It's so cute and colorful! <3
    XO, Katie |

  2. Your new apartment is so adorable and homey- I love all the pops of color!

  3. How cute is your place?! I love all of the fun colors, and great personal touches.

  4. Your apartment is so gorgeous and colorful! I love it! Decorating is so fun.

  5. So cute! I love all of the pops of color in your place, it feels very you!!!


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