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November 12, 2019

Virginia Winery Review: 12 Ridges Vineyard.

     12 Ridges is a brand new Virginia vineyard that opened less than three months ago! It is one of the most unique ones that I've yet to visit, and I am already dreaming about my next visit back. I'm excited to share more about the perfect fall afternoon I had at 12 Ridges today!

     12 Ridges Vineyard may be brand new, but it's already one of the most unique wineries in the entire state! It's located directly off the Blue Ridge Parkway at mile marker 27. At 3,300 feet, it's the highest elevation vineyard in Virginia! An afternoon at 12 Ridges is the perfect follow-up to a morning of driving and hiking on the BRP. 

     Since they are a brand new vineyard as of this year, their grapes are also new and aren't quite ready to be made into wine yet. They're currently serving a nice array of international wines by the glass, bottle, or tasting, and in a couple of years when their grapes are ready they will begin serving their own wines. I have to be honest- I'm typically not a big fan of wineries that aren't serving their own wines (for me a big part of the winery experience is enjoying what's local!), but I feel that the views and atmosphere at 12 Ridges make up for that, and I know they'll have great wines of their own once they can start serving them! I ended up having a glass of the Riesling that they had on the current menu (which I believe was from France?) and it was wonderful- definitely one of my favorite Rieslings that I've tried. 

     The tasting room and outdoor seating at 12 Ridges is all brand-new, since they just opened a couple months ago! Everything is beautiful. The views are absolutely unparalleled. They have a 360 panoramic view of the BRP and Blue Ridge Mountains, as far as the eye can see. I feel like my iPhone photos do not do it much justice. You truly need to experience this natural beauty in person.

    12 Ridges is also open as a wedding and event venue! Since they are so new they've only hosted a few weddings so far, but they have photographs from them hanging in the tasting room and they looked absolutely magical! I have no idea if I'll still living in the Charlottesville area if/when I get married, but I feel like if I am and decide to look into wineries venues this would definitely be one I would consider since it's so beautiful

    My friend Priyanka and I absolutely loved our visit to 12 Ridges a few weeks ago! Priyanka was here visiting me from Charlotte, and she came at absolutely the ideal time for peak foliage in Central Virginia. Before hitting some wineries, we went on a long drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and also hiked the White Rock Falls trail. Here are a few snapshots of the amazing foliage! 

    Check out my other Virginia winery reviews here! Thanks so much for reading today!

    God Bless,

    xoxo Annaliese


  1. Wow what a gorgeous winery! That view! It really would be lovely for a wedding. I am with you on not liking when wineries don't serve their own wine made out of their own grapes.


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