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November 18, 2019

GIFT GUIDE: Best Etsy Shops to Buy From.

     Kicking off this year's gift guides series with one that I'm especially excited about! Etsy is of course a great place to find really unique gifts that you wouldn't find in typical retailers, and it's a win-win as you're also supporting a small business in the process! However, Etsy can sometimes be kind of hit or miss with the customer service policies of a specific shop. Especially if it's a newer shop or one without a lot of reviews yet, you might not know what to expect!

    For my first gift guide of 2019, I'm sharing some fun Etsy shop items that I personally own, or have gifted to others for holidays past! 

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      1. KennaSatoDesigns Wall Decals: I love these wall decals so much that I wrote a dedicated blog post about using them to decorate my new apartment bedroom! These are an ideal gift for someone in a dorm room, someone decorating a nursery (this shop has a ton of designs for babies and kids rooms!), or someone in an apartment that might not be able to paint their walls or do wallpaper. I've been so impressed with mine and would definitely gift them in the future to someone else.

     2. OhioDesignSpace laptop case: My own Macbook case is from this shop and I've had it for at least three years now! I'm probably due for a new one soon, but I've been so impressed with the one I have. This Etsy shop makes tech cases in such gorgeous designs and colors. 

    3. MugsBeforeDrugs Blogging mug: I've been blogging for over seven years now, and I've made some absolutely amazing friends through it over the years! This mug is something that I've gifted blogging friends in years past. Who doesn't love cute mugs?! This Etsy shop also makes a ton of other fun designs that aren't just blogging related. I've found that Etsy is in general a great place to find very niche mugs, haha!

    4. LingoSignworks Personalized cutting board: This would be an ideal gift for a newlywed couple's first Christmas! It also makes a great wedding gift, which is what I've gifted it as before. These beautiful cutting boards come in multiples sizes and wood types.

     5. FalsHandmades Personalized passport case: This is a great pick for the travel lover in your life! I think having a monogrammed passport case is such a cute idea. I've gifted these multiple times to different friends and they're always a hit! The color and font options on these are huge too.

     6. RobertoGoldDiamond Bar necklaceI received one of these necklaces last month in a PR package, and I love it!! These classic bar necklaces are completely customizable, which makes for a fun gift idea. Mine has the four area codes from the four states I've lived in- a lot of of my jewelry pieces don't have much meaning to them so I love the fact this one does! 

     7. CardinalGift Acyrlic monogram necklace: Another necklace that I received from a blogging PR package! This one I've had quite awhile, but I love it. This is a fairly affordable option for a traditional monogram necklace, and I can vouch that it holds up very well! It's also great for layering.

     8. YouNameItMonogram sweatshirt: I did an Instagram giveaway with this shop around this time last year which was lots of fun! I loved the monogrammed sweatshirt I received. I had one made for one of my best friends as well, and it was so fun to be twinning in them! 

     If you have an Etsy shops that you love buying from (or a shop of your own!), let me know in the comments! I'm always on the hunt for more of them to find unique gifts from.

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


  1. MugsBeforeDrugs is the cutest shop name, ha! I love Etsy for all things monogrammed and personalized. Great blog post girl!

    Juliana Grace |

  2. The monogrammed passport case is too cute! Last year, I received a cute passport case for my trip to Italy and it was such a cute (and practical!) gift!


  3. What a fun gift guide! I am going to check these Etsy shops up. The personalized cutting board is such a good gift. Jake and I got one for our wedding and it was one of our favorite gifts.

  4. So many unique gifts to be found on Etsy! Loving that blogging mug! I recently purchased some beautiful scrunchries for my daughter from etsy. Such great quality and it's so great to support a small business!
    Ellibelle's Corner


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