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April 30, 2019

What I Wore to Work: April 2019.

    April is the month that it really starts to feel like spring in Virginia, and my work outfits this month definitely reflected the warmer weather. Here are outfit snaps of my work looks from April! I post all of these on my page with links to the specific items, or something similar, so if you're interested in shopping any of these check out my LTK. 😊

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Top fashion items of April 2019:

    I can't believe April is already coming to an end, I feel like 2019 is flying by even faster than recent years passed. Have a great rest of your week- Midweek Ramblings coming to you tomorrow. Also- if you haven't taken my blog Reader Survey yet- you can do so here! (It takes only 2-3 minutes!)

    God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


  1. ahh i am loving all your outfit choices and so jealous of you wearing super cute dresses! its still rainy and cold in the midwest! :) xo

  2. Girl, I'm just gonna go for it and say it: You REALLY know how to put an outfit together! Between your shoes, to your cute, feminine touches, your outfits are so true to you! I love how you always do something special with your hair, and always include some type of print or different texture/pattern into your outfits! These are all awesome outfits for April, and I can imagine it's so fun to dress up, or down where you work! Great post girl!

  3. Such great looks! I love the variety and all the fun colors.

  4. You have such cute looks! I love those bright pink rain boots!

  5. Ahh I love your work style. I especially love that neck scarf in #1. I need to get better about incorporating more trends into my work wardrobe.

  6. Super cute outfits! I love the skirt in pic #3 and your belt.

  7. You dress SO cute for work considering you're up at the crack of dawn most days! Makes me want to put more effort in in the morning hahah!

  8. I love the white and black wrap skirt and those sandals. I've been resisting packing away my winter wardrobe but yesterday I felt too warm!

  9. These outfits are awesome! As someone who wears jeans to work almost everyday, I really appreciate seeing how you style them with such variety. Also, I have been wanting to jump on the denim skirt trend and I love how you wore yours ☺️

  10. All cute outfits! How fun to see them all.


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