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April 8, 2019

My Favorite Time of Year + White Lace Dress.

     It's the most wonderful time of the year... all of the flowering trees of the South are in full bloom! There's just no time of year to me as beautiful as this. Fall is nice and all I suppose, but I'd take a blooming tree over fall foliage any day. This weekend, I was supposed to be going up to DC to see their famous cherry blossoms. Unfortunately, the trees up there reached peak bloom a little earlier than normal this year (last weekend), and on Friday there were heavy rains in that area... so I ended up cancelling my day trip as there wouldn't have been that much to see. 😓 Fortunately- I found these beautiful flowering trees here in Charlottesville to still take pictures with!

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      There's just something so magical to me about the season of spring. The fact that there is relief from the coldness and harshness of winter, and seeing things come back to life in nature is just amazing. I also love how the weather is starting to get warm in the spring, but isn't too warm! I could seriously spend hours looking at and photographing all of the beautiful flowering trees. Charlottesville in the spring is home to blooming dogwoods, magnolias, cherry blossoms, flowering crabapples, Bradford Pear and more! Originally I thought these trees that I took today's photos with were cherry blossoms- now I'm thinking they might actually be flowering crabapple? Either way, they're gorgeous, and I'm so glad I still got to see some pretty blooms even with the DC trip cancelled! 

    Normally I'm a stickler on the No White before Easter/after Labor Day fashion rule. This year however, Easter is quite late! So I decided to start wearing my white jeans, dresses, and other summer whites after St. Patrick's Day. Some years Easter does fall the same weekend as that, so it felt appropriate! I love this beautiful white lace dress. It is heavily lined, which is good in that for a light colored dress it's definitely not see-through, but bad in the sense that it would probably be too warm to wear in the height of summer. Definitely more of a spring than summer dress, but I still love it! I think it's very modest for a sundress, and would be great for an Easter service or celebration, or really any Sunday at church in the springtime. 

    I'm looking forward to continuing this month's Tuesday blog post series tomorrow- which is all Travel Guides to Charlotte, NC! I shared the first one last week here.

      God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


  1. well if this is NOT the perfect dress for easter i dont know what is- i absolutely love the white lace detail on this dress too- adding it to my cart asap!

  2. This is the most gorgeous dress on you!! So classic & beautiful- just like you friend!

  3. That is a beautiful dress. Lace is my favorite to wear. This would be perfect for so many occasions!

  4. What a gorgeous dress and purse! You look beautiful I 100% agree with you that this is the best time of year. I love the beautiful blooms right now. This really would be the PERFECT Easter look.

  5. Those trees are so pretty! This dress would be perfect for Easter or a bride-to-be!

  6. You look gorgeous! I LOVE that dress. SO pretty for Easter.

  7. Give me all the lace and crochet tops and dresses! This dress is just gorgeous babe!

  8. You look so great in this dress! I love it! Perfect shoe too.
    You've got me craving extra long hair so I can do a curly pony!

  9. This dress is gorgeous! Love your ponytail too -- kind of makes me want long hair again.

  10. Love this dress! Such a great Easter dress option.

  11. That dress is gorgeous!!!!! It is honestly one of the best spring dresses I’ve seen recently (and I’ve seen a lot)! These pics are perfect.

  12. Beautiful spring dress! I love the backdrop of the flowering trees too. Perfect.

  13. This is such a cute dress, so gorgeous on you! Perfect for easter too!

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