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April 24, 2019

Midweek Ramblings.

{My mom and I on Easter this past weekend! Follow me on social media @miss_alk}
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  • New apartment: I found out this past week that I was approved for the apartment that I applied for! I will be moving in September when my current lease is up. I should clarify that I'm not leaving Charlottesville, just moving to a different apartment in another neighborhood. Sometime this spring or summer I'll do a longer post about the reasons for this and some other news with it, but for now I'm just excited I was approved for the unit I wanted!
  • Guest on the Morning Show: This week my mom was visiting me, and it's the first time she's been down since I began working as a morning radio co-host in December! I brought her in yesterday for a segment with my co-host- you can check out the recap here if you'd like.
Weekend recaps:
  • Last weekend: A busy weekend, which was nice as the two before it were pretty quiet. Friday night the weather was awful in Virginia (flash flood and tornado warnings), so I got takeout pizza for dinner, and my mom and I stayed in watching Netflix. On Saturday, I took my mom to Richmond so we could celebrate an early Mother's Day! We went to Afternoon Tea at The Jefferson Hotel, which is so much fun! It was my second time going, and I might do a full blog post review of it. On Sunday, I went to Easter service at church, then my mom and I hosted a bunch of my friends from church for an Easter lunch! After lunch, some of my friends and I went on a trail walk to enjoy a little time outside. 
  • This weekend: My friend Liane is coming up from North Carolina to visit! Spring is the perfect time in Virginia to have guests visit, and I'm excited to show her around Charlottesville and visit a couple wineries of course!
  • Just a few books on Amazon (this one and this one just arrived)! I don't buy books often and usually just take advantage of my local library, but there were a few non-fiction titles that my library didn't have. 

  • This pom pom one piece swimsuit is absolutely adorable!
  • I have an old polka dot dress of my mom's that I always get compliments on when I wear. This one is very similar, and I think the sleeve detailing is even cuter than the dress I have!
  • The most darling little gingham sundress (that could also double as a Dorothy custom for Halloween- haha!) 
  • Anytime I see an orange dress now I think of UVA (and how I need to finally go to a UVA football game this year!). This orange dress would be perfect!
  • How cute would this top be paired with white jeans? It's from one of the Gibson blogger collections, and comes in so many pretty shades. 
Recipe of the week: Mini Egg Cookie Cake from The Recipe Rebel. I made this dessert for Easter, and it was a huge hit! I found this recipe from a Facebook video. No joke- one of the easiest  homemade desserts I've ever made. You could easily make this with chocolate chips instead of Cadbury mini eggs for other times of the year!

Song of the week: Last Hurrah by Bebe Rexha. Bebe Rexha's new song is definitely a bop! I think I actually like this song better than her last few hits.

Favorite blog posts of the week:
  • Teacher Dress Code - I love when Ashley shares her work outfits! My job is very casual, and I feel like I wear outfits to my job similar to teachers, so I would definitely wear outfits like hers to work!
  • The Every Girl - Heather's blog has become one of my favorite reads over the last year, and I was so excited to read her apartment tour featured on The Every Girl!
  • A Byers Guide - Courtney and her husband recently traveled to Paris, and I enjoyed reading her trip recap of all the places they visited. Her outfits were also perfect for Parisian adventures!
On the blog this week:
     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


  1. You and your mom are so cute! I bet it was fun to take her to work.
    I love that you share your favorite blog posts of the week too. It's always so nice to find new blogs to follow!

  2. Afternoon tea with your mom sounds like so much fun! I'm actually planning a weekend trip with my mom in a few weeks and I might include that in it if I can find a place.

  3. Congratulations on getting approved for a new apartment! Moving can be SO stressful - I've done it about 50 times - but it's also a lot of fun going to a new place and making it yours ☺️

  4. Girl, I love your midweek ramblings so much. They're fresh, and totally thought train based, which I just find so authentic. I hope you keep them coming!

  5. So exciting that you got approved your for the apartment you wanted. Apartment hunting can be SO stressful.

  6. Congrats on the new apartment! That will be so exciting. I will check out Ashley's work outfits because my office is casual too.

  7. I heard VA wether was really bad lST Friday, my parents live in MD and showed me a tornado in Northern VA. Buuuuut, it is soooo sweet that your mom got to be a cohost on your show!


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