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April 3, 2019

Midweek Ramblings.

{Wearing my sweatshirt that's featured in Monday's blog post on my Nashville trip! Follow me on social media @miss_alk}

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  • March Madness: Most people here in Charlottesville had a great weekend, as on Saturday night the UVA Men's Basketball team won their game and made it into the Final Four for March Madness! True story: before this year/living in Cville, I had no idea what the Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, and Final Four even meant. Or anything about college basketball! The university I graduated from was DII, and sports just weren't really a big deal? I'm also originally from Maine, a state that doesn't have a great track record with most college sports (excluding hockey), so I didn't grow up following college basketball. While I suppose it is kind of exciting to be in Virginia while all of this is going on... I also have to confess that I still can't get fully into the hype! Haha!! I might just have to watch next weekend's game though.
  • Solo show: This week my morning show co-host, Marc, is out on vacation. That means I'm doing our whole morning show live and solo! Marc's already had to do it by himself a few times when I've been traveling over the past couple months, but this is the first time either of us has taken a full week off since we started the morning show. Today marks day three of doing the show by myself! It is a totally different experience than our normal show. In my previous radio jobs, I've done shows by myself, but midday or afternoon shows are a completely different format than doing a solo morning show (so many more talk breaks and features!). I'm glad I had this challenge this week- but I'm ready for Marc to come back, haha! Five hours is also a long time to be in a studio talking to yourself all alone. 😂
  • The worst flight search ever: I shared about this on IG Stories on Monday, but here's a recap if you missed it! I'm going home to Maine for a week this summer, and my travel dates aren't flexible due to my job, and a wedding that I'll be attending while home. I normally enjoy looking for flights and have a knack for finding cheap ones... but I was coming up so short with this trip! To fly from Charlottesville into Maine (with layovers) was $600 and higher! Absolutely insane- you can get international flights for less then that! I was debating driving the 2+ hours to one of the DC airports and flying from there ($400) because I was so nervous I wouldn't find anything. Fortunately, I finally found something thanks to Expedia! I had my eye on a Richmond to Boston nonstop flight (both of those airports are 1.5 hours from Cville/Maine), and it dropped to $325! Done and done! (Still kind of pricy I think but) I'll take some extra driving to get to the airport over a $600 flight any day. 

Weekend recaps:
  • Last weekend: A great weekend out and about in Charlottesville! On Friday night, I baked cupcakes and had Leslie over to catch up on the Jane the Virgin season premiere. Saturday I slept in, did some organizing in my apartment, and then spent the afternoon hiking Crabtree Falls with two of my friends! Crabtree Falls was an amazing hike that I hope to do again soon. Saturday was also the first 70 degree weekend day in Virginia this year, so I knew I wanted to be outside enjoying that. On Sunday I went to visit my friend Abigail's church, and then we went to lunch! I ended the day with running errands and going to a Piyo (pilates/yoga) class at my gym. 
  • This weekend: On Saturday morning there is a service project for the young professional aged people at my church! They do these every month, but I haven't been able to attend the last few with being out of town, so I'm really looking forward to participating this month. And on Sunday I'm headed to DC to see the cherry blossoms! One friend from Charlottesville is going up wtih me, and we will be meeting my friend Mercedes up there- who is always the best DC tour guide.

  • Can we talk about that amazing Lilly Pulitzer promotion on Monday? Buy one S'well bottle, get one FREE! I already had a Lilly S'Well bottle and love it, so I really wanted another. I ended up splitting the deal with a friend, so each of ours came to under $25!
  • I swung by Ulta this weekend and picked up a couple things! I went there so I could finally grab this eyeliner, which has been on my wishlist for awhile. I've been wearing it to work this week and love it so far- I understand the hype!
  • Can you even walk into Ulta without making an impulse buy? (Nope!) Mine this time was this liquid lipstick! I thought it was a great everyday shade.


Recipe of the week: Cinnamon Sugar Almond Cupcakes from Life, Love and Sugar. I made these on Friday for watching the Jane the Virgin premiere and they were so good! The combination of cinnamon sugar and the almond extract is so delicious. 

Song of the week: Down Under by Men At Work. Definitely a throwback for this week's song! The radio station I work for plays a good bit of 80s music, and we've been playing this one a lot lately. I love it! 

Favorite blog posts this week: 
  • Chronicles of Frivolity - Katey's makeup always looks so good, and she shared her favorite products / spring beauty routine on her blog this week, which I loved! 
  • Brighton the Day - Memorizing scripture is something that I need to get better about doing more often in my faith journey. Brighton shared her great tips for this! 
  • Olivia Rink - I love it when my favorite bloggers do home tours. Olivia shared her gorgeous NYC apartment bedroom! 

On the blog this week: 

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 



  1. How did I miss that awesome Lilly Swell deal?? SUCH a steal! Glad you were able to find a great flight home too!

  2. Sounds like you've been so busy! Ahh we've been watching tons of March Madness too. OMG I need this Lilly water bottle. Sooo cute.

  3. Ooh, those cinnamon sugar cupcakes sound delicious! Thank you for reminding me to catch up on Jane the Virgin, too. I was HOOKED on that show and then forgot to watch it for ages so I have lots of episodes to binge watch 🙌

  4. Your sweatshirt is so cute! That's so awesome that you made that. I know nothing about basketball either, and I went to a local college basketball with some friends, and they had to teach me some of the team's lingo. Luckily one of them has an uncle that works for the team somehow.

  5. You bought so many cute things this week! I love the embellished dress!

  6. I have that striped shirt from Loft and love it! Booking flights can be so frustrating. I have no idea how airlines determine prices. I’m glad you finally found one that was reasonable.

  7. That Lilly promo is awesome! Those bottles are so cute!


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