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April 29, 2019

I Want to Hear From YOU - 2019 Reader Survey!

     It's that time of the year again! The 2019 Southern Belle in Training reader survey is live, and I want to hear from you!

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     For the past few years, I've done a brief reader survey each February. The answers are anonymous, and it helps me to really see what content is everyone's favorite, and things I can improve on. This year I had to share my reader survey a bit later than years past- I wanted to share all of my NYFW posts back in February/March, so this kept getting delayed. I'll probably move it back to February next year, but for now I'm happy to finally get this up for 2019!

    One note about this year's survey, there are less multiple choice questions and more questions with a comment box (place for you to type your answers out). Please don't skip the comment box questions! 😊 I know it takes a couple extra seconds to type out an answer instead of just clicking something, but I added more longer questions this year so that I can hopefully get more information from respondents and improve my content even more in the months to come!

    A huge thank you in advance to all of you for taking this! I've been blogging for many years now, but I'm always looking for ways to improve my content and continue to grow. I'm planning to host a little giveaway on Instagram later this week to thank everyone for participating!


     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese


  1. Nice survey - I hope you receive good feedback! You are doing a great job!

  2. I love this photo of you. What a great idea for doing a survey.


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