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July 12, 2017

Midweek Ramblings + Recent Purchases + Current Wishlist.

{Enjoying bubble tea in Montreal last week! One of my favorite treats to have when I travel. Follow me on social media @miss_alk!}

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     Change of Montreal Plans: Just one rambling today- but it's a bit of a story! I shared last week that my former roommate from Charlotte, Ciera, was here visiting, and that we had something exciting happening in Montreal during her time here. Well- the "something exciting" ended up being a very good lesson that nothing ever goes as planned! 😉 Since 2014, Ciera and I have tried to see either a concert or theatre production together every year. Our tradition started with a Christian concert, and last year was seeing Britney Spears in Vegas with our friend Priyanka, so as you can see we don't exactly have a specific type of show in mind for this tradition- ha! We just like seeing some sort of a live production together. This year, we bought tickets to see Pitbull and Enrique Inglesias in Montreal. They're on tour together right now, and it worked out so well that they had a show booked for Montreal. I was amazingly able to change around my work schedule and get the night off for the concert, as well as the next day (and I do NOT have a flexible schedule with work right now so this was huge!), so everything seemed perfect! Ciera booked her flight and we were good to go.
      We headed out on Wednesday afternoon after I got out of work for Montreal. At the border, the border patrol agent started giving us a hard time about the concert, and (successfully) convinced us it had been cancelled. After a very stressful few minutes with him, he admitted he was joking and wished us a fun night in the city. We continued driving, and I switched over to a Montreal radio station. Within a few minutes of doing that, a DJ came on, and announced that the Enrique and Pitbull show had been CANCELLED! Ciera and I seriously thought that we were being pranked or something. First the border patrol agent messed with us, and less then an hour later we hear the show is cancelled... by chance on the radio?! As soon as we got to the hotel and had wifi, I saw I had an email waiting from the box office that did confirm the show had been cancelled last minute and postponed.
      Well- we made the most of the situation and still had a whirlwind and fun 24 hours in Montreal! We were able to see a lot more than we would have been able to had we gone to the show. I'll be writing a Montreal travel guide soon here on the blog! But I just think it's too funny how we were so close to Montreal before the show was announced that it was rescheduled. It just goes to show to always leave flexibility in your plans for changes!


  • We were able to do some shopping in Montreal thanks to not having a concert to go to! In addition to purchasing the Canada and Montreal mugs for my Starbucks mug collection, I also found the cutest pair of hot pink dress pants at Zara on sale. I looked and looked online to find something similar. I wasn't able to find anything right now- but hopefully there will be a dupe by the time I style them for the blog!

  • The Nordstrom Sale Early Access begins TOMORROW! Right now my wishlist is looking like NSale, NSale and more NSALE! Here are some things that I'll be looking for in the sale and hoping to find a good deal on: 
  1. Kendra Scott (The NSale is a GREAT time to get a good deal on Kendra jewelry!)
  2. Fall tops and sweaters for cooler weather in New England 
  3. Designer jeans
  4. Fall booties
  5. A Tory Burch tote for work (I don't believe one of these was listed in the NSale catalogue- but hey you never know! Sometimes there are surprises)

     I hope that y'all are having a great week! My first NSale post will be up tomorrow, and an outfit post will be up on Friday! 😊

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese (or Charlotte XO on the radio!)


  1. That's so funny about the concert! What a great tradition to have with a friend, I'm sure that will bring so many fun trips and memories down the road.


  2. I feel like Nordstrom will definitely have some sort of Tory Burch tote in the sale (it's like one of the yearly staples in the sale I believe). I bought one at the NSale a couple years ago and used it nonstop for work/traveling/etc for years and the handles just started looking dingy this year. The bag is still in great condition so I am hoping to somehow fix the handles? Idk...rambling now!

  3. That sucks that you didn't get to see the tour!! But at least you got something positive from it :) And I loooove bubble tea!!!

  4. Oh my gosh!!! I would be so sad. At least you got to hang out in MTL with your friend anyways.

  5. I love bubble tea! So fun that you were able to escape to Montreal - I haven't been in ages!

  6. Cant wait for the NSale! So close and so many great sales!

  7. I love that you made the most out of a crappy situation. I have never been to Montreal, but my brother has and has always told me I haveeeeee to make the trip!

  8. That is so crazy about the concert, but I'm glad you were still able to enjoy your trip together! I would definitely hit up the NSale if I had the money haha!

  9. Woah, crazy about the concert! And I am pumped for the N sale but it seems to be down right now...bahhhh

  10. I'm thinking about going HAM at the Nordy's sale, but I'm so nervous about breaking the bank! haha

    Tori || Victori Media

  11. Loved keeping up with your adventures in Montreal! Sucks that it got canceled, but at least you got to explore the city more!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink


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