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July 20, 2017

NORDSTROM SALE 2017: Best Beauty Picks.

     I'm jumping back into Nordstrom Sale posts for the next few days here on the blog!! Today we're talking all things beauty. (If you're already sick of the NSale, be sure to check out Monday and Tuesday's posts from this week, which are 100% unrelated to the NSale! 😉)

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      I didn't actually end up purchasing any beauty buys in this year's sale, BUT there are lots of great deals from many beauty brands that I do love and am familiar with. For today's sale round-up post, I'll be sharing all of those NSale deals from the brands that I do like and have used before! 

  •      1. Voluspa Candle Set - These candles smell amazingly, and the packaging is so cute and chic! Swoozie's, a Southern stationery and gifting store, used to sell these, and during my senior year of college I remember stocking up on these candles for a few girlfriends' Christmas gifts. They were a big hit! I think this candle set is such a great deal to get either for yourself, or to buy ahead now for Christmas gifts.
  •      2. Winky Lux Lip Set - Last Fall, I got to attend a blogger event in Charlotte sponsored by Winky Lux, and that's where I was first introduced to this brand! I've since had the chance to try many of their products. This is a fun little lip kit!
  •      3. Chanel Nude Gloss Set - Normally Chanel lip glosses individually are priced at $37 a piece! That's pretty steep for just a lip gloss. I don't normally spend that much on makeup,  but I have a fun story about how I bought my first Chanel gloss. During my junior year of college, I had to do a few group projects throughout a semester in one of my classes for my major with two exchange students. They were siblings, and both studying at my university. The guy had a formal event to attend back in his home country during winter break, and since he knew about my fashion blog, he asked me to come suit shopping with him to give my fashion advice to pick out a suit to bring home! I kept telling him that my "expertise" was in women's fashion on a budget, not men's suits, but he insisted I go help, so I did! Anyways, he found a suit and ended up spending so much money as Macy's that he got some money back in a promotion that they were doing in gift cards. However, he was going to be away in his home country during the whole time they were valid! He gave the $40 gift vouchers to me to thank me for helping him pick out the suit. I used them to buy my very first Chanel lip gloss! It's not something I ever could have afforded to buy on my own as a college student with a babysitter's salary, so it was such a luxurious treat! I loved that lip gloss dearly. It was in a nude shade, and wore beautifully. It is a good deal to buy the Chanel gloss set in the NSale since they're so expensive individually!
  •       4. Jo Malone Perfume Set - This is the only item I'm sharing that I actually strongly dislike! Naturally, you're probably wondering why I am sharing it (fair question). My mom is a huge fan of Jo Malone. She loves their fragrances and owns several. As much as I don't like the scents, my mom loves them, and I know many other people who love them too. I think these are kind of an either you love them or you don't perfume, but hey! If you DO love them- this is a great deal to stock up on them! 
  •       5. Makeup Storage Caddy - I own two of these that are a similar style from the Container Store (Miss that place so much! I used to love the Charlotte one.), but this is a great deal on one of these types of makeup storage caddies! I think every girl needs something like this for everyday makeup favorites! 
  •       6. Nars Lip Crayon Set -  These lip crayons from Nars were the birthday gift at Sephora a couple years ago, and I loved them! This would be a great way to try a few different colors.
  •      7. Clinique Chubby Stick Set - I used to wear a lot more Clinique makeup in high school, it's a brand that I'm definitely overdue for trying out again! Anyways, several years ago, I received a Chubby Stick sample with a Clinique highlighter purchase. It was one of my favorite lip samples I've ever received! Not really sure why I never bought a full-sized one when the sample ran out. Like the Nars Lip Crayon set, this would be a great way to try out different colors from the collection.

      Have you bought any beauty products from the Nordstrom sale yet? Or just found any good new beauty products in general? Share with me in the comments! 😊

      In tomorrow's post I'll be styling the outfit that I purchased from the NSale and sharing my thoughts on each piece! TOMORROW is also the day that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens to the public, so if you don't have a Nordstrom card, this will be your chance to shop finally!!! 

      God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese (or Charlotte XO on the radio!)


  1. so tempted to get the clinique chubby sticks, i've heard great things about them!
    xo, hannah

  2. Your story about the Chanel lipgloss is so cute! I love how products can gain a sort of sentimental value that makes them special <3

  3. I LOLed at your Jo Malone comment because that was the item I'm most excited about! I love their fragrances.

  4. I love those clinique chubby sticks! They're so easy to apply & aren't too bold!

  5. AH those things are PERFECT! I wish we had Nordstrom here in Europe! I used to be obsessed with it during the time I lived in New York! Such a great store!
    Sending love from Austria,

  6. I haven't bought any beauty products yet but I have stocked up on shoes and jeans! Can't wait to see what they re-stock tomorrow!!

  7. These are all so great for little gift for people! I know my MIL would love any of these.

  8. I got the marble makeup brushes and they're so pretty! I would like to get more too haha.

  9. That caddy is exactly what I've been looking for to store my messy makeup collection, I might have to snag it!

  10. I love that you shared the jo malone scent even though you don't like it! At least you're honest about that ;)

  11. Love your picks! Those candles are amazing!

  12. Perfect sale picks, I always have to get the Voluspa candles and yes, makeup organizers are a MUST!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

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