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July 27, 2017

Tassel Earrings Round-Up (And My Favorite Pair!).

     Tassel earrings- they are all.the.rage! Actually, even saying that is probably an understatement! I first remember seeing tassels starting to really pop up as a jewelry trend a few summers ago, right around the time that the infamous bubble necklace was beginning its slow death (#RIP). I thought that the tassel trend would be a quick fad, but it's lasted longer than I thought it would, and I'm glad it's stuck around! Tassel jewelry is fun to wear, especially in the summer months.

      This style of tassel earrings like the ones picture above are probably the most popular style from this jewelry trend. Since my LipSense review post from a couple week's ago was such a big hit, I thought it would be fun to do another review, but this time comparing and contrasting similar tassel earring styles from different jewelry brands! They're all at different price points, and I think y'all will be surprised as to which were my favorites! 

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     Baublebar is "famous" for this style of tassel earrings, and I think their Pinata earrings are partly responsible for launching this trend! Of course I had to try out these coveted earrings for myself. I actually bought these several months ago, with intent to wear them with the outfit I had picked out for the rehearsal dinner I had to attend for the wedding that I was in back in April. I also thought they would be practical earrings to wear year-round, since black shimmery earrings match lots of outfits.
      I was really disappointed when these arrived to me and I started wearing them to see two things. 1.) They're the HEAVIEST earrings that I've ever worn in my life! I went through quite a statement earring phase back in high school so I've worn some heavy jewelry before, but I really thought these were going to damage my earlobes. and 2.) They turned my earring holes strange colors! I'm not sure if part of that was due to the fact that these were the black tassel earrings so maybe the black coloring spreads more so then the other colors that they come in, but either way it was kind of disgusting, and something I didn't think should happen for the higher price point on these! I ended up not wearing them to the rehearsal dinner since I didn't want my ears to be sore or discolored for the wedding the next day. 

     I do own other Baublebar and SugarFix by Baublebar jewelry that I do really like and enjoy wearing, but I REALLY did not like these earrings and would not recommend them. At this point, there are so many dupes at other retailers for the Pinata earrings (two others reviewed in this post!), so I would recommend anything else pretty much over these. 

       This is Charming Charlie's version of this popular earring style. They're less then half of the price of the Baublebar earrings! In Charming Charlie's online store right now there is only one color showing up (which I have linked above), but in-store I know they are still selling these in multiple colors. Charming Charlie sent me these a couple months ago in this fun yellow and multicolored style, and I think they're really fun for summer!

     As I mentioned, these earrings are cheaper than the Baublebar ones, yet look almost identical. They are much lighter on the earlobes, and also didn't change my earring holes any strange colors- so that's a plus! I've been a longtime fan of Charming Charlie and am usually very pleased with their dupes of popular jewelry styles. 

Burlington Coat Factory Tassel Earrings ($5!!!)

     These are my favorite earrings out of all three! I bought these on a whim right before I moved out of Charlotte. I ran into a Burlington Coat Factory to look for a few things for my new apartment in Vermont (Burlington is another store we don't have in VT!), and I actually ended up buying some jewelry that caught my eye while I was there. They had a lot of cheap versions of popular statement earring styles, and I couldn't resist these coral tassel earrings. I was absolutely amazed at how much I loved them. They're so lightweight, don't discolor your ears (I really feel like I have to stress that now after the first pair from Baublebar- ha!), and they're such a pretty color. Burlington had tassel earrings in some fun, different shades that I didn't see carried at Baublebar or Charming Charlie. These earrings unfortunately aren't sold online so I can't link them, but at $5 (!!!), they're a must-buy if you live near a Burlington store!

     So out of all three, the Burlington Coat Factory tassel earrings are my favorites! And buy far the cheapest!! Charming Charlie's Shimmy earrings would be my second favorite. Below I have linked tassel earrings from even more retailers, and the dress I'm wearing in this post:

     Please let me know if you would like to continue seeing more review posts like this on SBIT!! I love hearing y'all's feedback. 😊

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese (or Charlotte XO on the radio!)



  1. I need this so much because I'm looking for earrings just like these for my bridal shower! Great round up Annaliese!

  2. In LOVE with those multicolored ones!

  3. These earrings are so pretty! Love them all.

  4. I want some tassel earrings, they are too cute! Do they feel super heavy on your ears though? That's what worries me.

  5. I've got a yellow pair like this that I'm actually wearing today! I love them. I saw the multicolored pair at CC and I need to go back and snatch them up.

  6. I have a pair of pink tassel earrings from Sugarfix and I like them, but I could totally see the Baublebar ones being a little heavier since I'm sure they're a different material since they're more expensive. I LOVE Charming Charlie! I wish there was one here. The closest one to me is in Cary, I think.

  7. Okay those earrings are so stinking cute!! I am loving them

  8. Oh, they looks so amazing! I don't like wearing heavy earrings because it freaks me out but I love how others style them!!

  9. I've been eyeing the Baublebar Tassel Earrings for such a long time now; I might have to pick me out a pair now! Thanks for this round up; I've been looking for other alternatives and styles as well!
    xo, G

  10. I love these! I cant believe the coral pair is only $5!

  11. I love using Charming Charlie for my trendy earrings (& just trendy jewelry in general!) They always have the best dupes for great prices :)

    xoxo, SS

  12. Love your review! I have such sensitive ears - I can only wear sterling silver or gold, so I usually just end up making my own haha.

  13. Oh I love that coral/red pair! So pretty!

    Jennifer Ashley |


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