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July 5, 2017

Midweek Ramblings + Recent Purchases + Current Wishlist.

{Just another snapshot of me out for a walk in my favorite place in Vermont! I sure will be sad this winter when it's too cold to go for walks on this lake trail. Follow me on social media @miss_alk!}

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  • New Favorite Show: Although I am more of a TV person than a movie person, I am not much a binge watcher. I do love Netflix of course, but I rarely get through more than two episodes of a show in one sitting. Well- my apprehensiveness to binge watching all changed this weekend when I discovered the TVLand show Younger! I was tired of Netflix options and decided to see what was On Demand with my cable plan and found Younger... I was hooked from the first episode and had finished the first season in 24 hours! I've never done that with anything before! Without spoiling the plot, Younger follows a New Jersey woman's move to NYC after a divorce, and chronicles her new adventures at work and in love. Hilary Duff stars in one of the supporting roles on this show, and I'm quite convinced she's just as good as she was as Lizzie McGuire!
  • 24 hours in Montreal: My former roommate from last year in Charlotte, Ciera, just arrived yesterday in Vermont to visit me this week! Tonight we are headed north for an overnight in Montreal. We are going to see a concert, and I CANNOT WAIT! I was also in Montreal last month to see Chance the Rapper at the same venue (I was given free tickets from work for that show), but this show is one that Ciera and I bought tickets for, and I rearranged my work schedule specifically so I could attend. It's two artists that I've been wanting to see for years... any guesses? 😉
  • Follow me on Snapchat! I decided to take a couple days off from Instagram posts/stories while I'm in Montreal this week... I love IG as much as the next blogger but a break is good sometimes! I decided though to again try and step up my Snapchat game this week... I'm @miss_alk on there too and you're welcomed to follow me!
  • The Bullet Bra: This hilarious article came up on my Facebook newsfeed this week, and I totally fell for the clickbait. Apparently this was a major trend in women's lingerie not too long ago... my goodness I am glad these days are over! Read this if you need a good chuckle today! 


  • I went kinda crazy in the Lauren James Pink Friday sale last week! I did have a gift card that I received c/o Lauren James as a thank you for doing a collaboration with them recently, but the sale was so good that I spent my own money in it too! I'll share just a couple of the things that I bought in today's Purchases section:
  • I bought this vest which will be so great for fall outfits here in New England!
  • I scooped up a ton of tshirts in the sale, but this adorable long sleeved one I'm especially excited to receive!
  • Let's talk about this gingham one-piece... I'm kind of sad it didn't get here in time for the 4th of July but I'll still be wearing it for the rest of summer!

  • I really like the bow details on this affordable cold shoulder sundress.
  • This top is so unique! I love the bright pattern and also the style of it. I think it could be worn in many different outfits. 
  • I'm not normally a fan of bralettes, but this one comes in so many fun colors and isn't a bad price!

     Thanks so much for reading, and wishing y'all a great rest of your week! I'm really excited about Friday's outfit post already!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese (aka Charlotte XO on the radio!)



  1. Those pants are super cute on you! I love that swimsuit too - I haven't seen the gingham print on a swimsuit!

    - xo, Azanique |

  2. That gingham one piece is going to be SO cute on you! You found so many great pieces on sale at Lauren James <3

  3. I wish you could include the photos for the items of you wearing them! That would be so much better than a link (:

    Either way I loved the post!

    -xo, Makaela

  4. I loved the Pink Friday sale too, don't tell anyone-but I scored a ton of Christmas gifts at the sale at amazing prices ;)

    xoxo, SS

  5. I saw part of an episode of Younger and from what I saw it was pretty good! I'll have to start from the beginning!

  6. Omg, have fun at Montreal!! I totally want to go! And those leggings look amazing <3

  7. I LOVE Younger too! I watch it at night before bed - so good! I love bralettes too!

  8. this is very helpful post.thanks for sharing : usefull site

  9. Ah I have been dying to see YOUNGER on Netflix! I heard it is so funny! I'll watch it once I am done with my Master's thesis ;)
    xx, Theresa

  10. Love following you on Snapchat! Also I hope that you were able to salvage your montreal night! (I saw the concert was canceled!)
    Hope you have a great rest of your week!

  11. ohh ill have to check out the bralette! I live in them!

  12. I have been wanting to check out Younger! I know what I will be doing this weekend now :) I'm so bummed for you that your concert plans didn't work out, but I hope that you have fun in Montreal regardless!

    Also, if you're looking for bralettes, the lace ones by Madewell are SO comfy!

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  13. Bralettes are at the top of my wishlist right now. Especially with off the shoulder, slouchy tops. It just seems so cozy. Can't wait to find out who you're seeing!! Also I LOVE Lauren James! No shame, girl! Gotta take advantage of the sales when you see them.


  14. Okay that gingham one piece... I need that!!

  15. I have been looking for a new show...I'll have to check out younger this weekend! Thanks!

  16. You know, I've been hearing more and more about 'Younger'! I need to check out this show!

  17. That bathing suit is just darling!! Also saw that the concert was cancelled /: I hope you both still had fun exploring!

    Amy | Pastel N Pink


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