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July 14, 2017

$7 T-Shirt Dress + My "Adulting" To-Do List

     Today I'm sharing a SUPER affordable and light t-shirt dress that's perfect for summer! I also thought it would be useful (really for my benefit- ha!) to write my "adulting" to-do list for the rest of the month here on the blog. I used to do monthly goals post like lots of other bloggers do a few years ago, and although I didn't keep up with those, I did find it held myself accountable to write them out in public on my blog every month. I have a lot of more boring adult tasks that I NEED to do that I've been putting off, so what better way to ensure they get done than share them with y'all? 😉

Thanks to Nicholle from Nicholle Sophia for these photos!

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      First, let's talk about this dress. It is $7. Yes, I repeat a little louder for all those in the back. $7!! It's from Shein, which as many of you know is one of my favorite discount retailers. Normally I do stay away from buying items made of polyester on Shein, since I've found through experience that those don't hold up as well after many wears and washes. However, the polyester items usually have the under $10 price tags, like this dress. For the price, I think this dress is great for $7! Since it is polyester, it probably won't last forever, but if you get a couple months in the summer of wear out of this, isn't that still pretty good for $7? I promise in the next month or two I'll try and get a detailed Shein review post up soon. I really am overall a big fan of the website for affordable trendy pieces!

     On my lips you might notice a beautiful radiant pink lip color... I'm currently testing out Lip Sense! Mine was gifted to me by from the sweetest Charlotte based distributor, Smooch by April. You might also know her as one of my favorite lifestyle bloggers, April of Smidge of This! Expect a full and honest review of Lip Sense coming to the blog next week. 

      Now for the other part of this blog post- my adulting "to-do" list. I originally wanted to call this post "Adult things," but I changed it to "adulting" because I thought saying "adult" made me think of sketchy "adult bookstores" for some reason- haha!! Don't want there to be any confusion so adulting it is. Basically- I've had a growing to-do list in my life outside of my day job and the blog, but since those two things keep me so busy, I keep pushing the personal life to-do list aside as the days go by. I've decided to hold myself accountable by sharing everything here. Hopefully this will inspire me to tackle everything within the next couple of weeks, and maybe even inspire some of you to tackle those tedious adulting tasks as well:

  • Find a doctor and dentist in Vermont: This is probably one of the worst things about moving out-of-state. Ugh. In college, I still had most of these types of appointments when I went home to Maine, so I didn't go through this whole process of finding medical care in NC until about this time last year. I had just found great doctors (and also a good counselor, who really helped with some things that I was dealing with in my personal life last year), so it is crazy to me that I have to go through this whole search process AGAIN a year later! And of course it's not as easy as just calling an office to see if they're taking new patients... you have to make sure they take your insurance, and schedule appointments around work, and find old medical record, etc. Can you see why I've been putting this off? But enough is enough! 
  • Finish unpacking and organizing my kitchen: I would say my kitchen is about 80% unpacked. The boxes that I moved stuff in with are for the most part long gone. But I still haven't organized everything to my liking, as the layout is somewhat different than my apartment in NC. I also don't have a pantry in this kitchen, so I have to divide the kitchen cabinet space equally between dishes and appliances and my food. I still hadn't found an organization system that I like, and a lot of my kitchen stuff sits out on the counter by my mixer all the time, which is getting old!
  • Clean my dining room table: Gosh I didn't mean for these all to be cleaning related! Haha. I've done a better job than I expected with keeping my new apartment organized, but my dining room table is where I throw all of my junk, and I want to kick that habit early! 
  • Write ALL passwords to everything in a book: #TBT to the good ol' internet days circa 2009 when I could get away with using the same two passwords in rotation for everything! RIP - those days are definitely long gone. After a very frustrating phone call last week to one of my bank's customer service numbers because I couldn't remember my online password (I was mixing it up with the password to my OTHER bank!), I realized it's probably time that I take a day, sit down, and do inventory of ALL online passwords. To everything. Personal accounts, work accounts, blog accounts, financial accounts, shopping websites, travel.... anything and everything. But it needs to be done! No matter how many times you hit "remember password" on your browser, sometimes it just doesn't remember them, and it's also safest to have different passwords for everything (yet harder for your brain of course). I think it would be best to keep log of them in a physical book instead of  on a computer document, should my computer God forbid ever be hacked or lost. 
  • Call one of my credit card companies to understand statements: I opened a new credit card a couple months ago, and I've had the hardest time understanding the statements. With other cards that I've had, I've never had any trouble reading the statements and understanding everything, but with this card the statements are just very confusing. I keep putting off calling the company to try and get more information about how to using their website... because who likes calling customer service? But it's getting to the point where I literally can't read these and I don't know which payment was which, so I know I need to call! I pride myself and having a very high credit score, and I don't want that to be affected at all based on not being able to read statements! 
  • Clean my car: I cleaned my car from top to bottom before the big move in April... just three months later and it's already so messy and disorganized again. I know I'll have zero motivation to clean it when it's -20 degrees with three feet of snow on the ground come winter, so now when it's warm out is my chance to do it!

      So that is my adulting to-do list of things I've been procrastinating on! Hold me accountable, y'all! I'll try and update in a few weeks about how many I've accomplished.

     Just a reminder- the Nordstrom Sale began YESTERDAY! Check out some fall fashion favorites in yesterday's blog post, and some are linked below as well:

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese (or Charlotte XO on the radio!)


  1. That dress is adorable! I love simple affordable pieces for just hanging out on the weekend! I totally feel you about the list thing, putting it out there definitely helps to be more accountable!


  2. This is such a cute dress and I can't believe it's only $7!!!

  3. I love this dress! I also need to understand credit statements better... my credit score is very high too but it still confuses me!


  4. I love T-shirt dresses! they are so comfy!

  5. This dress is really cute! I'm surprised it was only $7! Good lucky finding new doctors in town. That's definitely frustrating. When we moved 3 hours away I just kept my old doctors and would schedule appointments for when I can home to see my family BUT that's pretty useless if you get sick. Ask around with your co-workers to see who they might recommend! Cleaning out my car and purse has become one of my weekly routines and I feel so much more organized because of it.

  6. ahhh the password struggle is so real! I wrote everything down and still forget it all haha

  7. This dress is so cute on you! I never realize how many adult things I have to do until I seriously think about it and it stresses me out haha.

  8. That dress is so cute [and it's $7!?]! If you're having trouble keeping track of all your password, highly recommend LastPass. It's free and super secure. I wrote a blog post on it if you want to learn more:

  9. I can't believe that dress is only $7, I might have to buy it because I NEED more summer dresses! Also I know the struggle of finding a new doctor/ dentist after a move so good luck!

  10. I cannot get over the price on that dress. It's so cute!

  11. ok what $7??? I haven't shopped from Shein in ages and I think I need to get back to it lol. Also I've been trying to find a new dentist in NYC too ugh it's the worst!

  12. You had me at $7! Stripes are always a classic!


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