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October 26, 2016

Midweek Ramblings + Recent Purchases.

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  • We're back! My apologies that my midweek update posts disappeared for the past few weeks! I genuinely to enjoy writing them for y'all. But my question to all of you: do you like reading them each week? Or is this something that you would prefer to read more on a monthly basis instead? Let me know in the comments!
  • A "Delightful" afternoon: Last Friday, I was in Columbia, SC for the day. I had the chance to meet-up for a late lunch with blogger Rachel from Something Delightful (formally A Preppy State of Mind)! I have been following Rachel's blog since my freshman year of college. Back when I was a freshman and considering transferring schools, I especially loved Rachel's posts about her sorority- Alpha Delta Pi. Reading about her experiences definitely was a factor for me wanting to go Greek when I transferred colleges. (And then I ended up choosing Alpha Delta Pi during my sophomore year! :-) ) Anyways - I have stayed a loyal reader to Rachel's blog through the years. She has an absolutely incredible story. It was so great to finally meet her in person and get to share more of our stories over lunch! It is always so amazing to connect with blogging friends on a deeper level in person. And I also got to meet Rachel's precious little girl, Madeline! 
  • State Fair Fun: After lunch with Rachel, I had my first Southern state fair experience! I went to the South Carolina State Fair with my sorority sister Perrin and her fiancee. It's been on my bucket list since my freshman year of college to attend either the NC or SC State Fair. It truly was a very Southern experience! I ate everything from fried cookie dough and Oreos. And another highlight was seeing livestock and animals of all shapes and sizes. I also thought it was really cool that this fair had different types of competitions like crafting and baking - I sure am jealous of whoever got to taste test the award-winning desserts!
  • On my Netflix: I am probably about five years behind schedule on this- but my latest Netflix obsessed is The Office! I just finished watching Parks and Rec this summer, so it's been fun to start another similar comedy. My parents were big Office fans when I was in high school and I used to watch occasional episodes with them, but I'm really enjoying starting the show from the beginning. Tell me- am I really the last one to the party on this?!

  • How pretty is this necklace?! My parents and I did a little bit of shopping when they visited a couple of weeks ago, and this was one thing they bought me. I've been wearing it nonstop! And the best part is it's on sale right now. :-)
  • I also recently purchased this sweater in tan (that specific color isn't online- but other pretty colors are!), and I've been wearing it all the time! It'll be styled in Friday's post. 

     xoxo Miss ALK



  1. So fun how you were able to meet up with Rachel! And The Office is one of my absolute favorite shows - I still quote it constantly!
    -Anna |

  2. Your midweek updates are my favorite posts, I definitely think you should keep them as a weekly thing! So fun you were able to meet another blog friend. My bestie was in ADPi and although I was in Tri Delta I spent a lot of time in the ADPi house with her (:

  3. I love the Office too! I love reading these posts as well :)

    xoxo, Jenny

  4. I'm so behind on all the "cool" Netflix shows!

  5. Haha I am watching Parks and Rec! I always watch one kind of throw back show on their before bed each night. I love it

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

  6. That necklace is ADORABLE! I miss The Office.

    Alix |

  7. Enjoy the Office! You're going to love it!

    Greta |

  8. I've never watched the Office either! maybe this will get me started

  9. Awh, meeting new blogger friends is always so fun! I always love reading your mid week rambles and catching up with what you're doing!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  10. I had SO much fun meeting up with you, Annaliese! You are so sweet and such a joy to be around. It was so great to meet up with you after all of the years we've been following each other. Can't wait to do it again :)

  11. Haha I literally just finished watching the Office this summer and now made my boyfriend watch Parks and Recs soooo I am on my third time re-watching it. :) Definitely my favorite show.

    xo //

  12. That's so cool you guys got to get together!

  13. I love seeing other bloggers meeting up! The office is actually on my list, but with all of my fall TV shows, I don't have TV (#TVJunkie) It's so weird to me that State Fairs are still happening, but I get that it's probably way more enjoyable to go in October rather than August like in Wisconsin!


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