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October 11, 2016

EARLY Christmas Gift Guide (All Gifts Under $50!).

      Christmas Gift Guides are to bloggers in November and December what Nordstrom Sale blog posts are to bloggers in the summer- aka what everyone is writing about! Obviously gift guides make for great blog content- lots of readers (and sometimes even other bloggers!) love to hear what other bloggers are recommending at the holiday season, and gift guide posts can be a great way to find items that you might not have known about or thought of. But sometimes, especially in the weeks right before the holidays, it can feel like all that's being shared in the blogging world are gift guide posts, and the content can be a little overkill.

     A fun fact about me (that I've been doing since before I started blogging event) is that I like to get my holiday shopping done early. If possible- I like to finish my shopping on Black Friday- a day when many people are just barely getting started on their Christmas lists! There are a number of reasons why I like to get my shopping done early. For one- there is always a better selection at any retailer, online or in-store, the earlier in the season that you begin gift shopping. Two- budget-wise, you take a smaller hit to your monthly spending budget if you pace out shopping for friends and family over time. As someone who is on a tighter budget this year, I definitely will be breaking up my holiday shopping in pieces over the next couple of months. 

      I think that these gift items shown above would be awesome options for anyone looking for Christmas gifts for the ladies in your life this year! Whether that is best friends, sisters, moms, coworkers... the list goes on! Every item is under $50. Some are more practical gifts, like the makeup brush set, and some are just plain fun, like the mini state pendant necklace! And how cute would this spoon rest look in a Bachelorette Pad kitchen?! I might just have to get that for myself. 

     Happy Early Holiday Shopping!

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. I've never been one to get Christmas shopping done early, but I make my list in like September/October!! Well, actually I keep a running list year-round. It's just so hard to remember what you actually need when you try to write on last minute. Good luck with your shopping!

    Caitlyn |

  2. Love this! I started Christmas shopping with the Anniversary Sale and have already been hounding my family about what they want this year and tracking down those items on sale. I agree that I want to be done on Black Friday/Cyber Monday! :)

  3. That good morning sunshine makeup bag is too cute! Love it. :)

  4. That camel tote is just perfect, as is the brush set. Think it's time to treat myself for no reason! ;)

  5. Everything is so cute!!! I love that brush set its so cute.

  6. These are all great options! I'm with you girl, I try to get my shopping done early!!

  7. I just started my holiday shopping! I love those earrings!

    Greta |

  8. I've already started brainstorming Christmas gifts too! I'm a very bad gift giver and get pretty stressed. Love the idea of makeup brushes! Such a good gift!


  9. Oh my gosh, I haven't even thought of Christmas shopping! I do love that state necklace and the makeup bag, so cute! For gifts on a budget, I also love giving friends yummy cookies or treats!


  10. Yes girl, I am right there with you! I try to pick up Christmas gifts throughout the year-sales or just whenever I see a gift that really, truly reminds me of someone that I love. It's easier on the wallet too!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  11. Love the makeup brush set and the cute tassel earrings.

    xoxo, Jenny

  12. I always shop throughout the year, it's so much easier! I actually sat for a half hour and contemplated posting an early gift guide yesterday and decided against it. However, you've inspired me to do a post over the next few days!

  13. I seriously love the "Good morning sunshine" makeup bag. I really need another makeup bag like I need a hole in the head, BUT IT'S SO CUTE!

  14. I always say I'm going to get my holiday shopping done early but it's so hard! I love looking at gift guides though, it's so fun to see reccomendations!

  15. Ooh I love your picks!! I just bought that Tarte brush set for myself because I couldn't resist!

  16. You are on it girl! I definitely need to start thinking about gifts. I love that scarf.


  17. I will gladly accept any of the following as my Christmas present! :) Miss you, beautiful! Is it too soon to go back to Charleston?

    Diary of a Debutante

  18. I have started Christmas shopping and determined to get it done early this year!
    Love these items!

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  20. I create my own list of the best Christmas gifts for girlfriends I think this is the best things to make them more happier. Try to and I'm sure you'll find there some great gifts. Good luck.


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