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February 9, 2015

Galentines 2015.

     This past Friday night, my dear friend Caroline and I decided that we needed an extra special Girls Night Out! We had both had very long and very tough weeks, and we decided a fitting cure would be to go out to dinner together. But not just any dinner would do- the only remedy for an extra bad week is actually making a reservation (at a nice restaurant in Uptown Charlotte mind you!) and getting all dolled up!

     I have actually featured Caroline and one of her cute outfits here on Southern Belle in Training before! Both of us went together to our college's annual school-wide semi-formal event, Casino Night, together back in November. I blogged both of our outfits and you can see that post here! (In fact, those pictures were taken in the same exact spot on campus as these pictures It's my favorite spot to do blog pictures at night since the lighting is decent. :-) ) Anyways- here is Caroline's adorable outfit from our GNO!

Caroline's Outfit Details:

Dress: Anthropologie || Cardigan: Anthropologie || Shoes: Target || Jewelry: {Antique store}

Blazer: Forever 21 || Skirt: Forever 21 || Tank Top: Wet Seal || Shoes: Nine West || Bag: Michael Kors || Necklace: Kohl's || Bracelet: {Local boutique in my hometown} || Rings: Charming Charlie || Lips: Maybelline ColorSensational Matte in Lust for Blush

     So these were our outfits for our fun night out on the town! Caroline is a huge Anthropologie fan (I have been with her before when she is shopping there... that store is her element!), so I wasn't surprised that the majority of her outfit came from there. :-)

      There is a funny story behind me and the skirt that I am wearing. I bought it in December 2013 to wear for New Years Eve 2014, hoping that I would actually have plans that night, as I don't typically do anything special for New Years. But that was the winter break that my parents and I traveled to the UK for the holidays, and we came home in the early evening of December 29th. I was still very jet lagged on NYE that year, so I didn't make any plans and instead stayed in and worked on a craft project (actually this project!). 

     So I decided that I would keep the tags on the skirt and save it to wear for NYE 2015, and actually make big plans for this New Years! During this winter break, I started to make some plans with high school friends. My friend Helen organized a dinner out with some other old friends of mine (some that I literally hadn't seen since high school graduation!), and then we were going to go back to her house after for games and to hang out some more. Not any huge plans, but it was going to be a fun evening, and a chance for me to finally wear my skirt! I flew home with it and was planning to wear it with tights and my favorite fur vest, since Maine during NYE isn't exactly warm. But sadly this year on the afternoon of December 31st I came down with one of the worst migraines of my life, and I had to bail out of my plans! So alas, the skirt still was unused.

     It is such a cute skirt that I couldn't stand the thought of it sitting another year in my closet... so I finally cut the tag and wore it out with Caroline! I've seen so many bloggers and even some friends of mine posting about their recent plans with girlfriends as Valentines approaching and calling it "Galentines," so I decided that I liked that term and that this would now be my "Galentines" skirt instead of a NYE skirt. It's fun, flirty, and just perfect for a night out on the town! I tried to make it look slightly more conservative here by pairing it with my favorite blazer (since we were off to a restaurant and not a night club), but it would definitely be appropriate for a party scene as well.

     Also lastly, I am obsessed with this Maybelline lipstick that I am wearing here! My mom gave it to me for Christmas (she always picks out the best lipstick shades!), and I have been wearing it non-stop. It has a slight purple tint, but it's still perfect to wear everyday, especially in the winter months. I stopped doing Monthly Beauty Favorites posts a few months ago, but I should do a Winter Beauty Favorites round-up soon, and this will definitely be in it!

     Did any of you make Galentines plans this year? Or do you have Galentines plans to look forward to during Valentines weekend? 

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. Loove the outfit!! Especially the skirt!

  2. love this outfit so much! It sounds like you had a wonderful GNO with your friend! I agree that this would be perfect for NYE but it works just as well for nights out!

  3. You guys look so cute! I'm really happy you got to go out together for Valentine's Day. You BOTH deserve a girls night sooo much if you catch my drift *wink wink*. I hope all three of us can go out soon!


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