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February 5, 2015

Being Adult.

     Last week, when I was on my way to science lab (I have science class right after lunch, followed by a half hour break, and then a two and a half hour corresponding lab. #funtimes), I had a random text from Jules, who is one of my best friends from back home in Maine. She asked me if I had any dinner plans for a weekend that was a few weeks away. I immediately responded with "no," followed by something along the lines of, "But it's irrelevant because obviously I'm not going to be home that weekend....." She then followed back with. "I know. Would you like to have dinner with me in Charlotte?" I immediately started FREAKING OUT. In the middle of my science classroom! And when I say freaking out I mean shrieking and tears running down my face, no joke. Jules has already visited me in Charlotte once- she came to see me just after I transferred to my current college back in October 2013. So I knew that when she said she wanted to visit again, she wasn't messing with me!

Jules's first visit down South- on our day trip to Greenville, SC.

    First I should note that Jules didn't just want to pack up and abandon her life to see me. ;-) State schools in Maine have very different school breaks then colleges in the South, so she had a school vacation coming up in a couple of weeks, so it made sense that she would want to get out of Maine's frigid temperatures for a few days! However, I did not have a school vacation coming up. Since Jules is one of my best friends, (and I miss her dearly when I'm at school!), the first thing that I said was "of course you can visit!", I just let her know that I might have to do a little homework while she was here, and attend classes, and go to my internship, and a couple of sorority events... etc. But I was convinced I could make it work. My roommate was fine with Jules coming in during the dates she wanted to visit, so everything seemed good to go.

     Jules called me a couple nights later ready to book her flight, and I gave her the go-ahead. But after we got off the phone, I looked at my schedule again, and then I suddenly realized... HOW IN THE WORLD CAN I HAVE A FRIEND FROM HOME VISIT?! In addition to my daily classes, homework, internship, weekly babysitting job, during the dates that Jules could visit I also had:
  • A broadcasting conference to attend here in Charlotte that my academic advisor recommended me for (an amazing opportunity for my major!)
  • A full weekend of babysitting the weekend before Jules arrived
  • A sorority mixer event
  • A midterm in my hardest class the day after she would have left 
  • My roommate's 21st birthday

     I took a long hard time to think about things, and I ended up having to tell my dear friend that this wasn't the best time for me to host a visitor. Since she is such a good friend, she was of course very understanding (and we are actually talking about her visiting later in the spring when I have a long weekend off from school!), but still, it killed me having to tell her no. I was so flattered that she wanted to make a last minute trip down to see me, and it would have done my soul some good to see her. It has overall been a good few weeks since coming back to school, but there have been a couple things happening in my life that I haven't posted about here on the blog, and I know these are the types of things that having Jules here for would have helped so much with.

     But alas, I made what I think was the responsible adult decision, and put my school and work priorities first. If there's one thing that I have learned this far in college it's that you can't do it all. Don't pass up the exciting opportunities that come your way, but at the same time, pick and choose which to actually take advantage of! Nothing good comes to anyone who pushes themselves over their limits and overextends themselves in too many directions.

      I already have plans for every single weekend of this month, and sadly none of my plans are that exciting. The broadcasting conference which I mentioned above is probably what I am most excited for, but I have a lot of prep work to do to get ready to attend that, and it is being held early on a Saturday morning, which is my sleep-in day. :-) Oh- the sacrifices one makes for the transition to adulthood!

     Can any other fellow collegiates (or former collegiates) relate to how difficult it can be to sometimes make the mature decisions instead of the fun ones? Please tell me I'm not alone (and that I made the right choice in this situation!).

     I feel as though I haven't shared a post as personal as this in awhile. Ever since I started taking my blog in a more fashion-focused direction over a year ago now, I have slowly been reducing more and more my amount of personal posts. I feel that a lot of the early personal posts on Southern Belle in Training were so over personal that it's awkward for me to read them now, haha!! Soon I am going to be going through and cleaning out some old posts like that... but, I still do think it's good to get "real" on here sometimes and to take a break from the fashion and beauty talk. :-)

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. aww I am sure that took a lot for you to tell her no (I know I have a hard time telling people no, ha!)! You two will have more fun when she comes down in the Spring!! She is a wonderful friend to understand that too!

  2. I totally understand! Scheduling times to visit or host my long-distance boyfriend is super difficult. Last school year I had to make the adult decision not to go to Hawaii with my family over my siblings' fall break :(.
    Thank goodness for great friends who understand!

  3. I didn't get a job until the end of my sophomore year and I feel like ever since I have had to grow up so much more! Yes, obviously I love where I am in college but having a job and all new responsibilities really forces you to make adult decisions. I'm sure once you two get together later this spring it'll be a blast!

    Pick Your Beau

  4. It's the hardest to say no when what you really want is to have fun with your bestie, but other life circumstances make that irresponsible. I hope you two can plan for a reunion that is better timed and have something to look forward to.

  5. It's always difficult to make the adult decisions, especially while in college because everyone around you seems to be having fun all the time. While I was in college, I had a strict no homework/school work/studying on weekends policy for myself since I would work extremely hard during the week (obviously, this doesn't work with everyone's schedule, or is it probably the most responsible thing..haha, silly collegiate Ashliegh). Obviously, it was different if there was a conference cause those are super important! Hopefully you and your friend will be able to get together later in the spring and it'll be a blast because you won't be stressed about school and work! Don't forget to give yourself a breather with all the work you have coming up :) xoxo

  6. I've just started a new university which is very demanding because it is a shorter duration but same content as a regular university. It has been very difficult trying to adjust to the schedule and keep up with weekly tests and assignments. I sometimes don't have time to call home or keep in touch with my friends. I understand what you mean by making adult decisions. Good luck with everything :)

    Meera xo!

  7. You can cite me as a reference for the freaking out in science class .... That made my day it was so hilarious. I was so sad when you told me she couldn't come. But it's life. You were very wise to think ahead and realize the reality of what is humanly possible. You always have so much on your plate!


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