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February 6, 2015

Best in Blog Photo Bloopers: Winter 2015.


     First off- can I get a round of applause for blogging all five days this week?! I can't remember the last time that this happened during the school year! This was actually one of the most stressful weeks that I have had in a long time- both academically and personally. Some of the posts that went up this week were pre-scheduled over last weekend, and others were written during my study breaks throughout the week. I found that getting more blogging done actually helped me to be more motivated with my homework (who knew?!). I can't promise five-day-a-week posts every single week of the semester, but I'm going to shoot for at least a three day posting schedule from now forward!

     When I was editing the photos for my most recent fashion post, although I found some pictures that I loved and couldn't wait to post, I was also appalled by the amount of outtakes that there were! So many of the pictures that Gina took of my outfit were just plain horrible- and not because of her or her photography, because of me!! Lol! I would move, the sun would be in my eyes, my outfit wouldn't cooperate... etc. I'm sure that other fashion bloggers can relate. I began to realize that I had a bunch of hilarious outtakes saved on my computer from past fashion posts, and I thought a fitting way to end my first week in awhile of posts on all five weekdays would be to share some of my favorite "bad blogging pictures."

    Without further ado:

This is definitely a favorite for me out of all of these!! I look so mad haha!

#GossipGirlLinkUp Fail?

SOOOO washed out.... scary!

Beach blog pictures candid fail.

     And lastly, my favorite outtakes from my latest fashion post:

     Lastly, if you follow me on Instagram (@miss_alk), you might have seen that I was nominated yesterday for the #20BeautifulWomen challenge that is currently going viral on there. I decided to accept the nomination, but instead of posting a normal selfie or a typical picture that I feel really beautiful in (beacause I feel that I do that a lot with sharing my normal blog pictures on social media!), I decided to make my picture for the challenge a unique one:

     This was a Snapchat that I sent to Ciera, (one of my good friends that I've stayed in touch with from my former college) on the eve of my last birthday!! Sometimes you just can't take yourself seriously. ;-) So now this gem is up for the whole Instagram world to enjoy! Happy Friday!!

      Hope that y'all will have a wonderful weekend! I will be back next week with more posts (as I am finally back on a regular posting schedule!), and stay tuned because exciting big changes are coming here to Southern Belle in Training soon, and I can't wait to share more!

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. These are hilarious! I can definitely relate - congrats on a productive week! Also - check your email because you may or may not have won something ;)

  2. Don't worry girl I am right there with ya on the bad blogging bloopers - I am waiting to have a nice little collection before posting them all, but I think a shot from my most latest look has to be a favorite. Too funny!

    Pick Your Beau

  3. love your adorable little rain boots!

  4. client to give them a chance to comment on the photos and veto ones that don't fit their vision for the header


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