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February 3, 2015

Style Theory Tour Charlotte: Recap.

    This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend an event here in Charlotte called the Style Theory Tour. I had previously posted about this leading up to the event a couple of weeks ago when the Style Theory Tour sponsored a giveaway for a ticket to the Charlotte event here on my blog! I didn't know a ton about the event before attending- all I knew is that it was being held at a hotel here in Charlotte, and that I could expect a whole day filled with panel discussion about hair, make-up and fashion, which are three of my favorite things!

     When I arrived at the hotel (it was held at the Embassy Suites near the airport), I got to check in at the media table and received a complimentary tote bag with some freebies inside. I then headed into the room that the event was being held in so that I could grab a good seat! The Tour provided everyone with note pads and pens so that we could all take notes on what the speakers would be discussing, and I'm so glad they did that!

     My favorite speaker of the tour was the make-up artist, Ashunta Sheriff. She was formally Alicia Key's make-up artist, and has worked with many other celebrities and socialites. She herself is a woman of color and has recently designed a make-up line specifically made with women of color in mind, but she has worked with clients of all races and is very skilled at what she does. I absolutely loved how she was able to tie talking about faith, health and life into her make-up demonstrations and tutorials! I got to meet and get a picture with Ashunta after she finished presenting.

       Tameka Raymond, the main speaker of the Tour, was wonderful as well. I unfortunately did not get a picture with her, but I really enjoyed seeing her warm personality radiate through her sections of the Tour! Tameka gave lots of great advice, and one thing she said that really stuck out to me was that every time you meet someone you only have "30 seconds to make your lasting impression." Just 30 key seconds! So that is why dressing well and knowing how to communicate effectively when you meet someone is an important skill to have.

      My only complaint about the Tour was that near the end of it, during the open question and answer section, a lot of the questions from audience members for Tameka became more about life and career advice and less about specifically fashion. Of course Tameka answered them all graciously. :-) But where this event was mainly fashion and beauty focused, I would have rather seen more styling demonstrations instead. But that is just my personal opinion, overall I did enjoy the event!

     Thanks again to the Style Theory Tour for hosting me at their Charlotte stop! Below is a schedule of dates for the rest of the tour stops:

     xoxo Miss ALK



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