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September 12, 2014


     So you may have noticed that things have been a bit quiet here on the blog this week! I am here to report that sadly next week will be a quiet week on Southern Belle in Training as well. :-( As y'all know, I started my junior year of college a few weeks ago, and along with my full class load I also went back to my amazing internship at the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. My classes are going well so far this semester but are very demanding, and I still love my internship more then anything but that is also a time commitment! And on top of all of this, my chapter of Alpha Delta Pi is right in the middle of sorority recruitment practices, as our Formal Recruitment is actually next week! (And in addition to all of this...there have been some other exciting things happening in my personal life lately... :-) )

     But with all of this stuff happening (plus lots and lots of homework!) I have had absolutely no time to blog! It literally breaks my heart. I am not exaggerating at all when I say I have had no time to blog. The other night I was up until almost 3 am doing homework and it was just regular assignments, not even a big paper or project (because I had been so busy during the earlier part of the day that so late at night was my only time to do it)! I had really hoped to blog during these few weeks, but it simply comes down to the fact that I might need to take a little pause. I am learning that sometimes it's important to remember that real life does need to come first.
     But do not fear- Bid Day is Saturday, September 20th, which marks the end of the crazy recruitment season, and I will be back in the full swing of blogging as soon as that is done! I have missed y'all!!!! :-) Hopefully I will have some fun fall outfits lined up by then!

     On a different note, a highlight of my busy week was that I met Ed Sheeran at my internship yesterday!! (We also met the opening act on his tour, British band Rudimental). You can see a little video clip of him singing his hit song The A-Team on my Instagram (follow me @miss_alk!).

     Hope that y'all will be having an amazing weekend! It's my last free weekend before Formal Recruitment.... and I will be spending it doing homework and actually staying overnight at the hosue of a family I babysit for! But I absolutely adore the family so I am really looking forward to it, and it will be nice to get off campus for a little bit. :-)

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. SO cool that you met Ed Sheeran! My freshman year roommate was visiting England on a study abroad trip and walked into a pub where he was performing for free-- this was right before he got famous!

  2. Can't wait to hear more about recruitment and all of your exciting life happenings!!! I remember junior year was probably one of my busiest years ever - especially the coursework! The jump from sophomore level classes to upperclassmen classes was insane and the demands were just so much more. Try to take some time to relax soon! xoxo


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