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September 27, 2014

Snapshots from New Brunswick.

Entering the city of Saint John, New Brunswick

A delicious "adult" milkshake (I am legal in Canada! This was my big treat of the trip :-) )

Saint John Harbor

Cutest dentist sign I've ever seen!

The main street in St. Andrews, the resort town that we stayed in.

Beautiful churches of St. Andrews.

But first, let's take a selfie!

Watching the Red Moon rise over the beach.

     Finally getting around to sharing the rest of my pictures from the little vacation that I went on in New Brunswick, Canada, right before school started in August! My mom and I vacationed in a quiet resort town called St. Andrews that was just under five hours away from where we live in Maine. We also took a day trip to the city of Saint John during our vacation (which was about an hour North of St. Andrews). 

     One thing that amazed me about New Brunswick is how much the province is covered in natural beauty. Much of the New Brunswick that I saw had a very "untouched" feel to it, and the scenery was absolutely stunning (and surprisingly very different from Maine even though they border each other!).

     I am very grateful that I did a social media fast during my trip- it really gave me time to fully rest and relax before the new school year, to enjoy some of my hobbies, and to just be more present. I still need to blog more about my thoughts on the social media break, that post will come eventually!! ;-)

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. I love these photos! And you are so cute with your "adult" milkshake, haha :]

  2. What beautiful photos! You are so talented :)

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  3. Looks like and amazing trip! Thanks for sharing. I stayed in a similar area the 1000 islands in Canada when I was a college student and loved it.

  4. My grandparents live about an hour away from Saint John. :) New Brunswick is so beautiful. I love it.


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