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September 15, 2014

Current shopping lusts.

     On Friday night after I got out of my internship, I went to Target to get some groceries. (I was so out of food in my room that I had to eat Ben and Jerry's for breakfast on Friday morning. I mean- I love me some Ben and Jerry's as much as the next girl, but I was in desperate need of food, ha!) While there, I happened to take a quick peak at some of the new Fall clothes that are out, and the most adorable skirt caught my eye. I actually had a Target gift card that had been a birthday gift, and it didn't take much for me to decide that this adorable little thing had to come home with me!

     Buying this skirt made me realize that it has actually been quite some time now since I have shopped for fun. I have been really good for awhile now about saving my money instead of spending it, and honestly since coming back to school I have just been too busy to even think about going to the mall or doing online shopping! But as soon as recruitment ends I know that I definitely want to use some of my birthday money and build this year's fall and winter wardrobe a bit! I have started looking online at some things, and here is what I am loving so far:

     1. Plaid Scarves:  All over Instagram and the blogging world I have been seeing the famous Zara plaid scarf (and this cheaper look-alike version from Julianna's Boutique!) that seems to be the "it scarf" for Fall 2014. I am highly considering buying the Julianna's Boutique scarf if they don't sell out though.... so cute! While browsing around online I also found this darker H&M plaid scarf that I also really like as well, so I linked it here (plus it is super affordable!).  Few things seem as cozy to me for the cooler months as a nice plaid scarf. (I actually bought a Scottish Tartan plaid scarf druing my trip abroad to the UK last winter!)

     2. MAC Lipstick (in a nice Fall shade?): It's no secret that I love my drugstore lip products. I am quite loyal to Revlon's super lustrous lipsticks (I recently misplaced my signature shade, Demure, and I can't find it at any drugstores!! And I haven't had time to go to Ulta {I know they sell that shade}... so sad!) and have some other favorite lines as well. I do love to splurge on some high end make-up products, but lipstick has never been one of those items. I am determined to change that this Fall though! Soon I am planning to get at least one Mac lipstick, and I would like for it to be in a shade that is soft enough for everyday wear, but still dark enough that it implies "Fall is here!" Hopefully someone at the local MAC make-up counter can help me with that. :-)

     3. Kendra Scott Earrings: I have had my eye on Kendra Scott earrings for quite some time, and this pair is just too pretty! They are a bit different then the traditional Elle or Danielle styles, but still capture that classic Kendra Scott look. I think the white color would look perfect with both summer and winter whites so they could be worn at all times of the year! These are definitely more of a lust item for me right now (#collegestudentbudget) but I can still swoon over them from afar!

     4. BaubleBar Statement Necklace: This is a cute variation on the popular floral statement necklace design that has been very popular in recent months. I love the dark blue colors!! I can totally imagine pairing this with a chambray shirt and riding boots for a perfect Fall outfit. The price point on this isn't terrible either.

     5. J. Crew Factory Pleated Mini Skirt: This is a Factory staple item, and I might just have to bring this home soon in one of its great Fall colors. I can literally think of endless ways to wear this; dressing it up for sorority chapter meetings, church, and going out, dressing it down for class, and all of the ways to wear it in between. :-) I think my favorite color is the khaki, but I like the darker colors that it's sold in a lot as well!

     In my most recent blog post on Friday, I told y'all how busy and overwhelmed I have been in the past few weeks with all of my new classes for this semester, sorority recruitment practices, and everything happening at my internship! That is all still the case and it will only get busier this week, and  actual Formal Recruitment runs this Wednesday-Saturday at my college.  I am getting really excited to see who ADPi's newest sisters will be... but I am a little nervous because it seems like my professors are throwing a ton of school work and assignments out for this week, and it's going to be tough to balance that at the same time as recruitment! (I have a group project AND a huge French test on Tuesday alone!) So it's safe to say I will definitely be in need of retail therapy when everything is done. ;-)

     xoxo Miss ALK



  1. That striped skirt is so adorable!!! Also love the choice of MAC lipstick you chose for the fall/winter season!

  2. Okay I seriously can't believe that skirt is from Target and I need it ASAP! I love all your picks. I need a good fall shade from MAC. I also just ordered that J. Crew pleated skirt in tan, as I already own it in black! Definitely worth it, in my opinion!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner


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