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April 24, 2014

Coming home.

     I like to think that once I make a big decision, I've made my decision. It doesn't mean that sometimes I don't go back and play the "Well what if I had chosen a different option instead?" game, but overall I usually accept the fact that I have decided something, and I stick with that even if I'm not happy with it. Well, all of that changed this week.

     Originally, I was supposed to spend this summer in Charlotte. I was going home for a couple weeks in May after my final exams ended, and then returning to my campus during Memorial Day weekend. My summer was going to consist of summer school, continuing at my internship and babysitting. (I would be doing summer school to try and get ahead with hopes of graduating a semester early.) I had thought these plans over for a long, long time, and seemed pretty content with them when I signed my summer housing contract in March. But after I signed that contract, I started to panic.

     I absolutely love going to college in Charlotte. It's a wonderful city to be an almost 20-something in. It's fairly safe, there's lots to do, and it has wonderful weather for the most part. But I couldn't picture spending my summer living in a dorm and taking classes and doing exactly what I do during the school year. I was also having trouble finding enough babysitting jobs to hold me over money-wise through the summer. I was hestitant to look for part-time jobs because if I was working at an actual business with a set schedule then I felt like I wouldn't have any free time at all between everything that I was doing!!

     So, I changed my mind, and I am coming home to Maine for the summer. And honestly, I couldn't be happier about it! I miss the beautiful beaches, my favorite restaurants, family and friends, and my home church a lot. I will be going back to work at the home goods & art boutique that I worked at last summer, which was a great retail job (and close to my house!). I'm very excited to be dressing up for work everyday again. ;-)

      I have my whole entire life to live far away, I want to take advantage of these special seasons at home while I still can! I have a feeling that this is going to be an amazing summer. My dad arrives in Charlotte on Monday night, and on Tuesday we start the big drive back home to Maine! Today I'm off to get my my car checked out and ready to make the big drive, and tomorrow night I'm actually headed out to my former college. It's their Spring Formal dance and I'm going with my friend Ciera, since she came with me to my sorority formal! I can't wait to see all my best friends from there before I head home for the summer. And I can't wait to blog about what I'm wearing!

     Most importantly, since I made the decision to come home I have felt so much of God's peace!! I don't think that I prayed nearly enough about staying in Charlotte in the first place, and that's why I was experiencing so much anxiety- it wasn't God's plan for me!

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. Great decision. Going home always gives me so much peace and why graduate a semester early? You are young, you have all your life to work. You are going to have an awesome summer!!!

  2. Congrats, i hope you enjoy yourself :)

  3. Aww great choice! I am sure you needed a change of scenery!


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