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March 27, 2014

Spring Blog Sale Link-up: Sperries edition!

     As I mentioned in yesterday's post, today I am taking part in a very fun link-up hosted by blogger Kate of Teal Vogue! Kate, myself, and many other bloggers who joined in on the fun will be using their posts today to sell items from their closets to all of you! I trust that these ladies who are joining in all have amazing taste, so definitely hop by the other blogs participating to see what they're selling as well!

     I will start by saying that as much as I would love to bring my whole wardrobe to college, that simply cannot happen (mainly due to the fact that my car wouldn't be able to drive down to NC with the weight of everything!). There are a lot of clothing and accessorries that I left at home this semester, which means that those weren't my "top picks" to wear anymore, and these things would have been perfect candidates for this blog sale! So sadly, I will only be selling one item today. But it is a beautiful item that is practically brand new, and something that I loved so much that I once wrote a whole blog post about it!

FOR SALE: One pair of women's sperries, size 9, in Angelfish linen/berry

     The above are pictures that I took right after I got the sperries last year. I still think these are the prettiest shoes!! But the truth is that no matter how hard I tried, they didn't feel good on my feet. :-( I tried breaking them in, wearing them with socks, without socks, with inserts... and they just didn't work for me. One of those things I guess! But that doesn't mean that they won't work for you! My feet are weird to begin with, I have extra large big toes and extremely high arches, so I have a hard foot to fit anyways.

     Here are some recent pictures of how they currently look! There is one tiny scuff mark on the right shoe, but it is barely noticeable. Other then that they are pretty much brand new.

Scuff mark up close

Scuff mark far away! You can barely see it. 

     I would love to send these beauties to a new home, and this blog sale seemed like the perfect time to advertise them!! Here's how it will work if you're interested in buying them: leave a comment on this post with your PayPal e-mail, and I will bill you promptly for them! Also send me an e-mail with your shipping address (my e-mail is found on the "Contact" page of this blog).

     I am charging $45 for the Sperries, and that includes all shipping costs! The money will be most likely either paying for a.) gas for my car or b.) textbooks for my summer classes. So if you want to help out a college girl with some not-so-fun expenses AND get a cute pair of Sperries, you're in luck!

     So please leave a comment on this post with your PayPal e-mail if you're interested in buying them! And also please check out the other blogs that are participating in the blog sale today!

     xoxo Miss ALK

     P.S. Below are some official details for the sale from Kate! I think I paraphrased most of what she said in my post, but it might be good to still read that anyways! ;-)

Welcome to the Spring Cleaning Blog Sale Link-Up, thank you for stopping by!  Several bloggers are linking up today.  Feel free to link up with a blog post if you are interested in selling some of your items!  Each of these items are final sale. Shipping costs and sizes will be listed with each item.

Please comment on the item number that you would like to purchase, as well as your PayPal email address, if you do not want to post your PayPal email address please email me as soon as possible.  I will be updating my blog throughout the next several days as items sell.   

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I hope you are able to find some great new pieces or accessories for your wardrobe!  



  1. Love these shoes, so cute! Thank you for linking up!

  2. This is a really creative link-up! Also, your shoes are cute! (but alas, not my size :S )

    <(`) Hoda || JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird


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