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January 24, 2013

I'm so "Sperry" excited.

     Please ignore the corny post title, but I'm way too giddy to show y'all my new shoes. I'm probably a little late to get in on the Sperry trend, but that can't curb my enthusiasm. :-) I'm sure you noticed that after seeing the bad bathroom picture/selfie of me holding my Sperry box.
      During my senior year of high school (aka last year) a ton of girls at my high school had Sperrys. I thought about getting a pair for awhile, but at the time the Sperry was mostly just making boat shoes with more plain designs. I'm all about the bling, so I didn't want to waste a ton of money on a shoe that I dubbed "boring." Also, Maine has really weird weather. It's pretty much snow boot weather for 9 months out of the year, and then it quickly turns into flip-flop conditions for a good few months, and then back to cold.
      But this Spring break I'll be off (along with my mom!) with a tour group from my college to Italy, and I needed some good closed toed walking shoes. I aboslutely despise wearing athletic sneakers unless I'm working out, so these weren't an option. My mom and I went to Dillard's last weekend when she was visiting me at school and the shoe clerk reccomended Sperrys. I was delighted when I found this brand new style! I'm in love with the pink and green flower design, and the fact that it has a layer of sequins over it made me so happy. These shoes are wicked comfortable and I can't wait to take them around the world (literally)!

     Have any of you gotten any new shoes lately?

     xoxo Miss ALK

     P.S. I'm so excited about the great feedback that I've been getting on my fashion posts lately! I'll defintely be keeping those going for a long while, but expect a post on a more personal note soon. :-)


  1. I have two pairs of Sperrys. Love them! These are very cute

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