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August 26, 2013

Welcome to room 306!

     Happy Monday friends!! I apologize for not having many posts last week, and most importantly I apologize for not sharing my Backstreet Boys concert re-cap yet! Long story short, the concert was AMAZING and I'll be writing more about that soon. :-)

     But I thought that a fun way to kick of this week would be to share some pictures from my dorm room! Last year I was not very neat and tidy, and my room usually looked like a tornado had just gone through it. My new roomie is pretty clean, so I'm determined to keep a nice room this year!! I had a friend from my former school visit me yesterday so that was an excuse to make my bed and tidy up a little more. I decided that would be a good time to take room pictures- so here's a tour of my new home!

The roomie and I headed over to Target a couple nights after school started, and we found these adorable sparkly letters in the $1.00 section. The cool thing is that both of our letters are in our favorite colors!! Mine is on the right because I have the right side of the room. :-)

When you walk into my room the first thing that you see is a Grumpy Cat poster on the side of the closet. My best friend K from my former school and I had a big inside joke about Grumpy Cat- so when I saw this poster at my new school's poster sale I couldn't resist it! A lot of people think it's a funny thing to see when you enter the room, too.

A little taste of my closet! It's actually HUGE and I could have brought a lot more clothes. ;-) This cute shirt hanging outside the closet is my first sorority t-shirt for the upcoming Rush Week! I'm getting SO EXCITED for that. And my 7th Heaven poster decorates one side of the closet. 

Love how our dorm room came with two full length mirrors! I have decided to keep the flip-flops and slippers that I wear around our dorm by the mirror for easy access.

View from the bureau! The room is actually really good sized for a dorm. The photo in the frame is from when I met my favorite author, Karen Kingsbury, last year! I also keep my lipsticks up on my bureau instead of with the rest of my make-up... I prefer to do my lips by the full length mirror. :-)

View from my bed!

I wanted to have a cute room this year without spending a lot of money. I found that cute canvas at the Christmas Tree Shops (a chain of discount stores in the Northeast) last summer for under $10! And my mom found those cute paper decorations at Target on sale for just a few dollars this year. You can have cute decor without breaking the bank!

My favorite aspect of my room- my picture heart! I credit Pinterest for that one. ;-) It starts at the bottom left with my sophomore year of high school, and ends at the top right with Spring Formal at my former college.

My second favorite part of the room- I turned my desk into a make-up/jewelry vanity! (Just ignore the random fork on the desk lol.) Please let me know if you'd like me to do a more detailed tutorial type post showing how I got it to look that way!

More wall decorations- another canvas that I got very cheaply, and a beautiful hand-painted Lilly Pulitzer themed letter "A" that I ordered on Etsy!

I used my window space to store all of my earrings, non-school related books, and random things. That sign with the landmarks was something that I bought from people that I worked with at my first summer job at the bakery. A couple girls I worked with their made those signs with local landmarks and customized them for people that wanted to remember their favorite spots in my town. I had mine made with all of the businesses and places that my high school friends and I liked going to! I got a Chick-Fil-A cow at a student fair this week and decided to make him ride my VS Pink dog. ;-) And lastly, my school had an awesome event last week where you could make monogrammed tumblers! This is mine!

To the left of my window I keep nail polish and perfume, then my roomie's side begins.

Bed! My bed here is a twin, so this bedding is actually the same bedding that I used as a kid when my room at home was aquamarine colored. I love this bedding and am happy that I got to use it again. :-) 

View from my bed to the window! My window actually has a really pretty view of the school's quad.

     Hope that y'all enjoyed my little room tour! Do let me know if I should do a post explaining how I organized my make-up/jewelry vanity. I'm quite happy about how it turned out. ;-)

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. Looks like you have a good size dorm room! When I was in college I NEVER used my desk for school work, I could write papers on my bed just fine, and it looks like you may be having to do the same since you now have a vanity :) Too cute!

  2. Your rooms are big! And I can't get over the fact that you have a dresser/storage space. How nice!

  3. You've got all kinds of room! That's great!

  4. I did not know Target had letters for a dollar! I am so going to have to get one, haha. & I love your desk/vanity set up--it's really cute!

  5. awww this is adorable!! love it!! :)
    hope you have a great day!!


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