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August 8, 2013

Favorite Things Thursday: American Eagle floral sundress

Southern Belle In Training

     It's Thursday, which means that it's time for my new link-up, Favorite Things Thursday!! If you'd like to particpate then please put the official FTT button in your post, and I'd love it if you shared the link in a comment! :-)

     In January 2012 I went to the mall one weekend with a few of my high school friends. A few stores had started displaying spring fashions... although why I'm not sure since spring doesn't arrive in Maine until like May. But anyways, American Eagle Outfitters had a few sundresses out, and one of them was a gorgeous orange color with beautiful flowers on it. It was part of the brand new Spring line which meant that it wasn't on sale, and the price was I think around $45ish. I thought it was a lot for a cotton sundress, but after I tried it on my friend convinced me to buy it. And gosh am I glad that I did!

     It is seriously the perfect sundress. I can dress it up with wedges and a cute hairstyle, or down with flip-flops and sunglasses. It fits me so well and it flatters my body. I also love it because it flatters my chest without exposing cleavage... it stays where it's supposed to which makes it modest! I plan to wear it on Move-In day for college next weekend. I remember from last year's move-in that a lot of pictures are taken on the first day, so of course I want to look cute! But at the same time I don't want to wear anything with delicate fabric that could get damaged or stained. This dress has been through the wash a ton of times and still comes out looking great, so I don't have to worry about getting it dirty in the moving process. 

     Here are just a few of the ways that I've worn it!

Freshman orientation at my former college!

As a beach cover-up during our NC beach trip last summer!

A get-together with my good friend Katie

Bad mirror picture but this is a way that I styled the dress during my senior year in the early spring months when it was still quite chilly out.

 I wore it most recently last weekend when my old exchange student friend Anna was visiting Maine from Japan!

      And lastly, I wore this sundress on one of my visits to the college that I'm transferring to! I had actually looked at my transfer school as an original option for college when I was still in high school. I wore the dress when I came to the campus for a high school visit day on my second trip to NC in March 2012.


     Do any of you have a beloved dress that gets you through so many important events?

     xoxo Miss ALK


  1. LOVE this dress! I've noticed it in some of the pictures you've posted already, but you're right this dress deserves a post all on its own. :)

    I love the colors in it. I wish I could find some more colorful dresses that fit me well. Most of the time, I'm always attracted to either blue or black ones. But I love floral dress and I have a few of those too!

    xo, gina

  2. Ahh, I sure do! That is a lovely dress and I can tell why you love to wear it. And doesn't it make you feel good when you buy something that gets worn several times and on different occasions? :)

    Visiting from the linkup. I'd love for you to come over by blog too and leave your thoughts on my latest post:


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