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October 30, 2022

Easy DIY Halloween Couples Costume: Love is Blind

     Popping in just before Halloween to share a pop culturally trendy and very easy couples costume that I came up with: Love is Blind!

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     For our first-ever couples Halloween costume, Ryan and I dressed up as the hit reality series that we have currently been enjoying binging together: Love is Blind! The third season is currently airing on Netflix and we are hooked. I really liked the first two seasons and watched them on my own. Since it is a reality dating show, I joked to Ryan ahead of the new season coming out last month that it would be fun for me if he watched a little bit with me to give his "guy" perspective on watching a show like that. Not only did Ryan watch a little bit... we are both fully invested in this season and now only watching it together! Hahaha. 😉 It is really kind of fun to watch a dating based show with a significant other! 

     If you don't watch Love is Blind or are unfamiliar with the premise, each season takes place in a new US city and starts out with 15 single men and 15 single women. The women can see each other and the men can see each other, but as far as men and women dating it all happens sight unseen! The dates take place in small rooms called pods, with walls dividing the man's pod from the woman's pod so that no one can see each other. So you're dating and getting to know someone solely based on personality, voice, and emotional connection! Nothing physical comes into play. You aren't allowed to see each other until you've proposed! The show then follows the pairs that get engaged as they go on vacation together, and then settle back into normal life in their home city while living together, and eventually to their wedding day, just a few weeks later. Fun fact: Netflix has also made Love is Blind spin-offs in other countries like Brazil and Japan! 

     This was the easiest costume ever to put together- ha! I happened to have some extra sleep masks that could work as blindfolds at home. (If you don't have any, these look just like what we wore.) And of course, the famous Love is Blind gold wine goblets were needed! Since the second season, these glasses have appeared in almost every scene of the show. I didn't own any wine glasses that looked like this, so I was able to find and order these gold wine goblets! And voila!! Easiest couples costume ever, right?! Love is Blind features the couples wearing all sorts of outfits from casual clothing while dating in the pods right up to formal wedding outfits, so I feel like any type of outfit can work for this costume. 

     Ryan and I didn't have any Halloween parties or plans as a couple this year, but I still wanted us to do some sort of easy costume this year to have photos of! 1.) It makes for great blog post content. 😊 And 2.) This is the first time ever that I've been in a long-term relationship this time of year and had someone to dress up with! Being single for just about all of high school and most of my 20s has had its ups and downs for sure. One thing though that I've longed for year after year is wanting someone to do cute and quirky couples costumes with. I've had so many ideas for these over the years!! Finally being in my first really serious relationship in my late 20s is not something that I take for granted, and it's special for me to have lots of those little wishes start to come to fruition, even one as simple as finally doing a Halloween couples costume. Also- shout-out to Ryan for being a great sport about this costume based off of a reality TV show, haha!!

     I have featured some other easy DIY Halloween costumes on the blog over the years!! Here are some past ones:

  • The Bachelorette  (I guess it is full circle doing this one years ago and now Love is Blind with someone!)

     Have a happy Halloween!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese


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