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October 26, 2022

IRELAND TRAVEL GUIDE: What I Wore For a Week in Ireland.

     My mom and I spent a week in Ireland this past spring, and it's been fun to revisit all of my photos and memories to recap it here on the blog. I'm starting to work on a full Travel Guide blog post to recap all the places we went and stayed on our Insight Vacations tour. First though, I wanted to share a little recap of the outfits that I wore! I did a lot of Pinterest and travel blog browsing before our trip to find inspiration for my own Ireland outfits, so maybe what I wore can be a helpful resource for someone as well. 

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     We went in Ireland in late May. I was surprised to initially learn this, but spring is actually on average the least rainy time to be in Ireland! With that said, we still dealt with rain showers at points (it rained for at least a portion of half of the days we were there), but there was a lot of sunshine as well. The temperatures remained very steady and average for that time of year in Ireland. Highs were in the 60s everyday (low 60s a few of the days, and high 60s for some others), and lows at night were in the 50s. I think the only place we were that it was cold enough to be in the 40s is when we visited the Cliffs of Moher. A lot of the outfits I wore featured some well-loved and older pieces in my closet, so I'll try to link similar in-stock items when needed.

      I should also note that I checked a large suitcase to fit all of these clothes (and more!). So this is not a guide for a week's worth of outfits in a carry-on. 😉 

Day 1 - Dublin

     Our first day of the trip was actually supposed to be our second day. My mom and I were going to arrive in Dublin a day before our Insight Vacations tour began to do some more exploring on our own, but unfortunately we had some flight cancellations and ended up losing the first day of our vacation. When we finally made it to Dublin and got to our hotel, we had only about 30 minutes to freshen up and get ready before our tour started! The first thing our Insight Vacations tour did was explore the grounds of historic Trinity College in Dublin. This was the outfit I threw together for that! A simple t-shirt and jeans with this fun statement coat was perfect for this outing. After visiting Trinity College, we had dinner with our tour group at the restaurant in our hotel. I did change into another outfit for that but forgot to get a picture! 

Day 2 - Travel Day to County Kerry

      This was a long travel day, and also one of the rainier days of the trip. We left Dublin and drove out to the charming town of Killarney, which is just under a 4 hour drive. We stopped for much of the afternoon to explore the grounds of Blarney Castle. There were showers off and on throughout the entire day, so I opted to wear my rain boots and I'm glad that I did! My Hunter boots were bulky to pack in my suitcase, but I am glad I brought them. They definitely were helpful for the rainy days of the trip. I kept things casual again with the rest of my outfit with a sweater and jeans

Day 3 - Killarney and Ring of Kerry 

      This was one of the two nicest days of the trip weather-wise! We lucked out with beautiful sunshine all day. However, it was still kind of chilly at points, especially with some of the places we visited that day. So I opted to wear layers. We spent the early morning of this day in Killarney National Park, and then spent the whole rest of the day driving and exploring the Ring of Kerry. I went with the same jeans I wore the day before, and layered a long sleeved shirt with a white scarf and a warm windbreaker

Day 4 - Travel Day to County Galway 

     For the travel portion of this day, I actually wore the outfit that I wore again the following day, so you'll see pictures of it below!  Once we got to our next hotel, I changed into one of the dresses that I brought on the trip. I thought all of the green hues with this dress and cardigan were just perfect for Ireland! I wore this for dinner with our tour group that evening at our new hotel, the Connemara Coast hotel. 

Day 5 - County Galway 

      I repeated the outfit that I had worn the day before for this day! We spent the day exploring Kylemore Abbey, and driving through some of the mountainous regions of western Ireland. Our group then had dinner that night in the nearby city of Galway (I wish we'd had more time there!). Once again, wearing layers was beneficial with the way the weather went from cloudy to sunny as the day went on! I liked layering a button-down shirt with a classic cable knit sweater

Day 6 - Travel Day to County Mayo and Ashford Castle

     This was my favorite day of the trip, as we left the coast and headed over to Ashford Castle! I loved our brief stay at Ashford so much that I wrote a dedicated review of our stay, which you can read here. Anyways, I went with black jeans with a blouse and my favorite peacoat for the travel portion of the day, and then I changed into my favorite nap dress style dupe for the evening. It was a little chilly that evening for a dress like this, but I couldn't resist! How often does one spend the night in a castle right? 

Day 7 - Travel Day to Dublin 

     The last full day of our trip started off with the most amazing breakfast of my life at Ashford Castle, and then driving back to Dublin for a final dinner with our tour group. We left for the airport to fly home very bright and early the next day. I wore a bright blouse with the same skinny jeans that I had worn for a lot of the trip. The final picture above is my mom and I with our Insight Vacations tour guide, Robbie! 

       And those are my Ireland outfits! If you'd like to read more about the trip, check out my review of staying at Ashford Castle here. I'll be publishing my full Ireland Travel Guide with more about our specific tour and the itinerary for each day soon! 

      God Bless,

       xoxo Annaliese


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  1. Your bright and colorful style is just so fun!! I have to say that tan peacoat is SO classic, I love it so much. I'm so happy you had great weather. It's so hard to know what to pack for a new place!


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