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November 2, 2022

{Monthly} Midweek Ramblings

October 2022:

{Fall foliage in Williamsburg, VA last month.}

Highs of the Month:
  • Getting invited to my first record label dinner while on my work trip in Memphis. (Kind of a rite of passage working in radio. 😊)
  • Also from my Memphis trip- finally seeing the famous Peabody Hotel Ducks! 
  • My boyfriend Ryan finally moved into his new place, and it's super nice!! (He moved to Virginia from out-of-state in June and lived with his family temporarily while looking for a place and waiting for his former lease to end.)

Lows of the Month: 
  • Ryan's sweet dog receiving a devastating medical diagnosis. 😓
  • My former radio cohost Marc having to cancel a weekend visit to Virginia Beach due to inclement weather. 
  • Having to cancel a weekend trip to Charlotte.

October Weekend Recaps:
  • 30-2nd - From what I can remember, this was a pretty quiet weekend! Ryan and I took a walk at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront to see what it looked like after the aftereffects of Hurricane Ian passed through. On Sunday morning, I baked muffins and Ryan came over and watched church with me at home. 
  • 7-9th - I was still in Memphis for the 2022 St. Jude Country Cares Radio Seminar event! This was a wonderful (although very busy) work trip. I really enjoyed learning more about the great work that St. Jude does for childhood cancer and how country radio stations can best raise awareness and funds for St. Jude. It was also great to meet and network with radio colleagues from around the country. Most of our conference sessions were in the Peabody Hotel, but we did get to tour parts of the St. Jude hospital campus on one of the days! 
  • 14-16th - Ryan and I did a day trip date to Colonial Williamsburg on Saturday. It was wonderful! The weather was absolutely perfect which made it even better. It was also Ryan's first time ever visiting Williamsburg. We bought Colonial Williamsburg admission to explore some of the museums and buildings, and then we also spent some time eating downtown and visiting local shops. On Sunday, I went to church and for a beach walk at the Boardwalk. 
  • 21-23rd - Ryan and I kicked off Friday night with.... going to Walmart for groceries and household items that we each needed. 😂 But hey- errands are more fun when you have someone to run them with! On Saturday morning, I went to Norfolk to meet my friend Bea to try a new boba tea spot place. That afternoon, my aunt and uncle from North Carolina came up to have lunch and finally meet Ryan. After lunch, I took them to see the Norfolk Botanical Garden, which is one of my favorite local spots. I went to church Sunday morning, and then hosted a girlfriend for dinner at my place Sunday evening! 
  • 28-30th - I went to a Friday evening workout class at my gym to start the weekend. I was up very early on Saturday for my second year judging the costume contest at the Wicked 10k race in Virginia Beach! (You can see my favorite costumes from this year here.) Ryan and I spent the rest of the day together and got dinner at a Mexican spot by his place. We went to church on Sunday morning, and then I headed out to meet my friend Kelly-Anne for lunch. We met in the charming town of Smithfield, which is just under an hour from Virginia Beach. There are lots of historic homes and cute shops in Smithfield, and I really enjoyed exploring the town.

October Purchases:
  • With all of the walks that Ryan and I have been doing lately, I realized I needed a new fanny pack / belt bag. I couldn't bring myself to splurge on the Lululemon ones (so expensive!), but I found a dupe that I really like. It comes in so many colors and it's under $20! 
  • Tweed skirts are such a fall and winter staple in my closet. I picked up this new one for this season in fall colors and I love it! 
  • My best thrifted find of the month was a super cute red floral top that I can't wait to wear next summer. I can't find the exact one online, but this top is very similar
  • This cute and casual striped sweater was marked down to $25 last weekend, and I had a really good coupon that made the cost of it almost nothing. What a score!  
  • For months now, I've been looking for a similar replacement option for my favorite sparkly star sneakers. The pair that I have loved area great dupe for very expensive Golden Goose sneakers. I've had this dupe pair for a few years now, and they're starting to reach the end of their life. The sneakers I own and have loved have been discontinued, so I've been searching for a similar option. These are the new Golden Goose dupes I ordered this month, and so far I like them!!

October Blog Posts:

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 


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