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September 22, 2021

Midweek Ramblings.

{I had a wonderful time doing a work event at The Yard Milkshake Bar in Virginia over the weekend! Follow me on Instagram @miss_alk}
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  • Everyone's true crime obsession: It was sad and disheartening to find out this week that Gabby Petito was killed by homicide. I hope that her family is able to find the justice and answers that they deserve. With that said, I found it a bit odd and distasteful how some people were speaking about the case on social media. While it is great that her situation did get so much publicity  and law enforcement attention, it almost seemed like some people on the internet were excited about the case because they were watching true crime happen right in front of their eyes. This Buzzfeed article sums up what I'm thinking/feeling about others' reactions to this case.
  • Cute Airbnb: Here's your heartwarming story of the week! Airbnb has created a Winnie the Pooh inspired house in the woods that you can rent out and stay in, in honor of Winnie the Pooh turning 95 this year. Sadly it's located in the UK (within the actual Hundred Acre Wood)- but I still think this is too cool!

Weekend recaps:
  • Last weekend: Last weekend was my only "free" weekend this month without company visiting or travel, but it ended up being super busy. On Friday evening, I went to dinner with my new friend Katie from Junior League, and then we got ice cream after at a cute place that I'd been wanting to try. On Saturday, I had a tennis match, a work event at The Yard Milkshake Bar in Virginia Beach, and then went to the beach for a sunset picnic with my new friend Emily! On Sunday, I went to church, and then to the Norfolk Tides baseball game with Kelly-Anne (a blogging friend who is also in Junior League too!).
  • This weekend: My dad is visiting! He arrives tomorrow evening. I shared about this on Instagram, but we have some interesting plans for Friday night. 😂 My aunt and uncle who live in NC are coming up (that uncle is my dad's oldest brother), and my other uncle from NY is flying in also. We are all going to the Earth Wind and Fire concert on Friday night! I like Earth Wind and Fire... but I am a bit intrigued at the likelihood of "chaperoning" my dad and his brothers at the show, hahaha. After my dad leaves on Sunday, the three brothers are going to the Outer Banks together. 

  • Last week I did a fun little Amazon haul for some fall tops! Two of them have arrived and I'm still waiting for two- I'll share more soon. First up was this comfy looking off-the-shoulder top!
  • I can't believe that sweater vests have become trendy... they still just make me think of my high school principle when I see one. Ha! But when I saw this sweater vest was available in pink, I had to try it. 
  • This ruffled sweater looks perfect to wear with both jeans and skirts in the fall and winter. 
  • I am so excited for this puff sleeve t-shirt! What a fun take on a basic top, and it comes in so many colors. 
  • Shopbop is currently having their fall sale. A lot of designer items are marked at 50-60% off. This isn't necessarily a "save a ton of money" sale, but if there is a very expensive designer item you've had your eye on, this might be the time to get it at a much cheaper price than normal. I'm not sure I'll be getting anything, but I do have my eye on a pair of heels from this brand (because at full price they are crazy expensive!). 
  • One last thing in the Shopbop fall sale  I keep seeing so many bloggers wearing this dress brand, and a ton of their styles are included!
  • I've been playing a couple matches a week in the tennis league that I joined, and I'm really craving buying another one of these skorts to wear for matches.
  • My favorite white button down shrunk a little in the dryer, so I might grab this one as a replacement soon. 
  • I really like this high-necked midi dress, it's a fun change from a lot of the nap dress styles that are dominating clothing retailers right now. 
Currently reading: Arrival City: How The Largest Migration in History is Reshaping Our World by Doug Saunders - The sociology minor in me was fascinated after seeing this book on display at the library. This book is about the fact that the 21st century is the first time in history that more people live in urban centers worldwide instead of rural areas. It talks about the effects of urban migration in cities around the world. It's definitely more of an academic read than a fun read, but I'm enjoying it. 

Recipe of the week: Skillet Chicken and Rice from America's Test Kitchen - This is a comfort food favorite, and I'm planning to make it tomorrow night for dinner with my dad after I pick him up from the airport. 

Song of the week: 23 by Sam Hunt - I am very hit or miss on Sam Hunt's music. Some of it I really like, some of his songs I don't love. But I am very into his new single 23! Love both the music and the lyrics. 

Favorite blog posts of the week:
  • Amy Believes in Pink - Amy always shares the most fun and colorful Amazon collages, and I especially loved the vibes of her September one!
  • Style Charade - A fascinating post from Jenn breaking down the reasons that people are leaving her home state of Illinois, and if she and her husband see themselves there longterm.
  • Oh What a Sight to See - No matter the season, Hannah always kills the business professional workwear outfit game. I loved her fall transition looks in this post.

On the blog this week:

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 

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