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September 24, 2021

101 in 1001: 2 Year Update

     It's time again to check in with my 101 in 1001 list of goals, which I made for myself all the way back in precedented times, aka September 2019. Only two years ago- but seems like so much longer thanks to the world circumstances, and also the changes in my own life! Here's how I did with my goals for the past six months:

{Photo originally from this post- and seemed fitting for the theme of 101 in 1001!}

101 in 1001

START DATE: September 6th, 2019 (My 25th birthday!)
END DATE: June 3rd, 2022 (I'll be 27)

1. Launch a side project with my co-host Marc
2. Attend a radio conference - September 2020 (virtual Morning Show Boot Camp)
3. Make the final voting round on the ballot for the Best of C-Ville Awards (for Local Radio Personality category) - June 2021
4. Be interviewed for the 10 Questions radio personality interview on All Access  - September 2019
5. Be making a certain salary - July 2021
6. Revamp my radio website - September 2020
7. Meet and/or interview a celebrity visiting Charlottesville for work - July 2021 (technically this happened in Virginia Beach, not Charlottesville, but I'm still going to count it!)

8. Reach 15k on Instagram organically - December 2020
9. Attend an influencer event in Richmond or DC
***10. Go on five more travel press trips*** - in progress! 1. February 2020 (Jefferson Hotel, Richmond VA) 2. September 2020 (Winchester, VA Tourism)
11. Reach a certain monthly pageview goal - January 2021
12. Complete Pinterest course / begin using Tailwind
13. Delete old blog photos from my laptop
14. Learn how to use Lightroom 
15. Have another call with a rewardStyle rep
16. Change address on my EIN
***17. Continue hosting annual reader surveys*** - in progress! 2020, 2021
18. Write comprehensive Charlottesville Travel Guides
19. Write comprehensive Richmond Travel Guides  - March 2021
20. Write comprehensive Maine Travel Guides -  April 2020
21. Send Christmas cards one year to brands I've worked with on my blog  - Christmas 2019, Christmas 2020
22. Reach a certain affiliate sales goal for a Lilly Pulitzer APS

23. Join a new bible study or small group 
24. Lead a bible study or small group
25. Get baptized 
26. Read a theology book 
27. Read a book about angels in the bible 
28. Be able to eloquently and knowledgeably defend my spiritual and moral beliefs

***29. Reach a set amount in my savings account*** - in progress!
30. Increase my 401k contributions per paycheck
31. Being investing money elsewhere (besides my 401k)
32. Tithe 10% of my day job income consecutively for a year 
33. Buy or lease a new vehicle  - May 2020 (and again in March 2021)
34. Get a travel rewards credit card
35. Finally redeem years worth of points accrued on my previous credit card 
36. Investigate the process of making a will

37. Complete my goal of reading 52 books in a calendar year (one book a week) - 2019
38. Learn how to cook a vegetable dish that I don't hate eating - October 2019
***39. Make at least one recipe from every cookbook I own*** - in progress!
40. Volunteer as an alum with Alpha Delta Pi   - November 2019 (accepted an advisor position with local chapter)
41. Do a full weekend away from all social media (blog, work and personal accounts) - March 2020
42. Do another full week away from blog social media 
43. Vote in the 2020 presidential election - October 2020 (voted early)
44. Use my camera for more non-blog related photography - August 2020
45. Join a tennis league or organize playing regularly with friends - June 2020
46. Find a new regular volunteer commitment  - November 2019 (ADPi advising and volunteering weekly at The Ronald McDonald House)
47. Make photo books from college, year after college, and year in Vermont
48. Finally understand how football works
49. Write 5 star reviews for my favorite podcasts
50. Donate blood - January 2020 
51. Visit a dermatologist for a skin check - October 2020
52. Take a cooking class
53. Attend a wine and paint night
***54. Try three new-to-me types of fitness classes or workouts*** in progress! 1. November 2019 (Jazzercise)  2July 2020 (Pickleball)
55. Purchase a new piece of apparel from my alma mater

56. Surprise one or both of my parents with a weekend trip home
57. Plan a girls' weekend with my sorority friend group from college
58. Plan a 2020 girls' weekend with my Charlottesville girlfriends - March 2020  (NYC)
59. Go on a trip abroad with friends
60. Take friends home to Maine
61. Figure out an awesome gift for my grandma's 95th birthday - February 2020 
63. Plan someone's bridal shower or bachelorette party
64. Watch my dad's band perform
65. Throw someone a surprise party 

***66. Visit all the wineries on the Monticello Wine Trail*** - in progress!
67. Go to a UVA sporting event  - October 2019 & November 2019
68. Buy a piece of UVA apparel 
69. Go to the Fall Foxfield races - September 2019
70. Visit 20 new-to-me Charlottesville restaurants in progress! October 2019 - Bang, November 2019 - Maya, December 2019 - Brasserie Saison, Zin Burger, Boylan Heights, Downtown Grille,  January 2020 - Sultan Kebab, Junction, Blue Mountain Brewery, Prime 109, Bizzou, February 2020 - Love2Eat Thai, March 2020 - Cava, June 2020 - Maharaja, Matchbox, September 2020 - Citizen Burger, December 2020 - El Puerto, February 2021 - Tonic, March 2021 - Chimm St., April 2021 - Angelic's Kitchen
71. Attend something for the Virginia Festival of the Book
72. Go out on a weekend on The Corner 
73. Take a charter wine tour bus
74. Visit one of the county lake or pond beaches
75. Visit a Charlottesville brewery - December 2019

76. Go to five wineries in other parts of Virginia (not in the Monticello AVA) -  October 2019 - 12 Ridges Winery, December 2019 - Williamsburg Winery, July 2020 - The Dog & Oyster Winery, September 2020 - Valerie Hill Winery, November 2020 - Brix & Columns Winery
77. Go to the Virginia State Fair
***78. Visit 10 new-to-me Richmond restaurants*** - in progress! January 2020 - Tazza Kitchen, February 2020 - Coco + Hazel, Lemaire , September 2020 - Perk, April 2021 - Les Crepes Carytown, May 2021 - The Lobby Bar
79. Visit the public observatory in Richmond
80. Visit the Virginia Museum of History and Culture in Richmond
81. Visit Virginia Beach - March 2021
82. Visit Alexandria - April 2021
83. Stay at the Omni Homestead Resort
84. Stay at a new-to-me Richmond hotel February 2020 
85. Attend something for Virginia Garden Week
86. Drive the Blue Ridge Parkway during foliage October 2019, October 2020
87. Drive Skyline Drive/Shenandoah National Park during foliage

88. Apply for Global Entry  -  October 2019
89. Visit Las Vegas again
90. Visit Montreal again (and maybe Vermont too!)
91. Visit Houston again
92. Visit the DC cherry blossoms again
93. Tour the National Basilica in DC again
94. Visit Charlotte at the holidays again
95. Visit my dad's side of the family in New York
96. Visit North Carolina's Outer Banks
97. Visit three new-to-me states
98. Visit three new-to-me countries
99. Go on the Pink Retreat
100. Stay at The Greenbrier in WV
101. Attend my 10th high school reunion (if it happens before this list ends)

Completed past 6 months: 7
Completed total: 33

     Here's a look at the seven goals that I completed in the past six months:
     3. Make the round of voting on the ballot for the Best of C-ville Awards (for Local Radio Personality) - The category of my 101 in 1001 that I did the best with in the past six months was definitely Career! First up: Marc and I finally made the final round of the ballot for Charlottesville Weekly's annual Best of C-ville awards. We only made the first round of the ballot in 2019, and they cancelled the awards in 2020. We didn't end up winning... but that's actually okay, as I had already moved to Virginia Beach before the winners were even selected. 😂Funny how life is!

      5. Be making a certain salary - I am still so humbled that this one came true! I had a certain salary in mind that I wanted to be making at my day job by 2022... and thanks to my new job, I actually have exceeded that goal. What a blessing!

      7. Meet and/or interview a celebrity visiting Charlottesville for work - Okay, this goal didn't happen while I was in Charlottesville... but it happened within my first week of work in Virginia Beach, so I'm going to count it! During my first week here, my co-host Cash and I got to meet country singer Michael Ray before his concert and interview him for a Facebook live on our station page. I haven't met anyone else in person yet, but Cash and I have done several phone interviews with other country artists like Dierks Bentley, Darius Rucker, Walker Hayes and more! (You can see and listen to our past interviews here.)

     19. Write comprehensive Richmond Travel Guides - My Ultimate Travel Guide to Richmond, VA was a true labor of love for the blog, but it is one of the blog posts from this year that I'm most proud of!! Richmond is such a great city, and I loved highlighting all my favorite spots. Check it out here!

     70. Visit 20 new-to-me Charlottesville restaurants - This was a really fun goal! I was worried for awhile with Covid that I wasn't going to hit it, but I was able to get it done. And I'm so glad I finished it just a couple months before I moved to Virginia Beach!!
     81. Visit Virginia Beach - Something that really makes me chuckle was that I listed "Visit Virginia Beach" as a 101 in 1001 goal on this list... not only did I get to check this off for my first visit in March when my dad and I spent a few days here, but I also moved to Virginia Beach! 😂 2019 me who wrote this list couldn't have seen that coming! 

     82. Visit Alexandria - Only for a day trip, but it still counts! In April, I spent an awesome day in the DMV area visiting my friend Mercedes. We managed to spend time in both Baltimore and Old Town Alexandria in the same day!

    Since this list will end in June 2022, I'm going to skip my usual six month update next March and just do one last big recap in June. The categories that I'm hoping to make the most progress with for the remaining nine months are Faith, Finance and Relationships. I'm excited to see what I can accomplish for the last part of this list, and already looking forward to making a new one later in 2022! Biggest shout-out to Mackenzie from Design Darling for introducing the 101 in 1001 list and inspiring so many bloggers like myself to try their own. 

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese

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  1. I think this idea is so fun and I love seeing how life has changed and helped you to meet your goals! You’ve done so many amazing things friend!


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