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June 7, 2021

Under $20 Target Dress + Favorite Podcasts of The Year (so far).

     Hi there! Let's start of this new week with a sunny little yellow dress (that's also very affordable!), and some podcast recommendations! 

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     Target has always been a store that's hit or miss for me year-to-year in the fashion department. Some years I find so many cute things at Target each season that are totally my style. And other years I'll go months and months without finding anything there that I like. Anyone else that way with Target? Anyways, it's been such a win for me so far in 2021. Back in the winter I'd found this blouse and this dress that I loved wearing, and then this spring I found this cute and comfy affordable yellow dress! I actually found this thanks to my friend Amy who wore the violet version at her birthday party last month. I couldn't believe she told me she got it at Target. I decided to get it in neon yellow since I don't have much this color in my closet- I love it! 

     Since we are about halfway through 2021 (side note: how is this year halfway over?!), I thought now might be a good time to share the podcasts that I've listened to and loved so far this year. I am kind of weird about what podcasts I like. I much prefer listening to limited series podcasts (ones focused on a certain subject that are a set amount of episodes, i.e. Serial, Dirty John, etc) vs. general weekly ones that go on indefinitely. The only more general weekly podcast I like and keep up with currently is MyDayFriday (I interviewed one of the hosts, Carla Marie, in this blog post!). 

     Here are the limited series podcasts that I've listened to and really enjoyed so far in 2021:
  • Resettled (VPM) - This is a local Virginia podcast that I honestly think should be required listening for all residents of the state! Although I guarantee you will also enjoy if if you don't live in Virginia. This podcast explores what life is like in Virginia for several new-resident refugee families who have been sent to live in the state. Each episode focuses on a different individual or family- all are from different countries and all are resettling in different parts of Virginia (one episode features Charlottesville!). I learned a lot from this podcast and appreciated the local component. 
  • Anything for Selena (WBUR & Futuro Studios) - I've been a longtime fan of former Tejano pop singer Selena Quintanilla- ever since I saw the biopic about her life with J. Lo when I was a kid, I've loved Selena's music and story! 2020 was the 25th anniversary of her tragic death, and there's been a lot of renewed media interest in Selena's life and legacy ever since. I really enjoyed listening to the Anything for Selena podcast that came out earlier in 2021! Host Maria Garcia is a huge fan and expert on all things Selena, and she uses Selena's career story and personal life to relate to themes like raciscm, Hispanic culture in the US, and more. After listening to this podcast, I enjoyed reading Selena's husband Chris Perez's book about her, and watching the new Netflix show about Selena. 
  • Manbatical - This podcast was done by a fellow woman in radio, Amber Glaze. She's worked in radio for several stations over the years, and currently does country radio in Tulsa, OK. Manbatical was Amber's podcast project to explore her past romantic relationships, and the year that she took off from dating/men. I so admired Amber's storytelling abilities and her vulnerability and sheer honesty with her podcast audience! She doesn't hold much back. This podcast does have a bit of adult content in the subject matter in certain episodes, but as long as you're aware of that I think it's an incredible listen. 
  • In God We Lust (Wondery) - This is 100% the most guilty pleasure podcast that I've listened to in 2021, and honestly it might be the most guilty pleasure podcast that I'll ever listen to- for real! This podcast is about the Liberty University scandal involving former university president Jerry Falwell Jr., his wife Becki, and a young man from Miami named Giancarlo Granda, with whom the Falwells' had an illicit affair. The two hosts of this podcast are so fun to listen to, and they make what is already a juicy (and true!) story even juicier. 

     If you have any limited series podcasts that you've enjoyed, please let me know what they are! I'd love to hear and add them to my summer listening rotation.

      God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese 


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