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June 9, 2021

Midweek Ramblings.


{Enjoying soft serve last week at one of my favorite ice cream spots in Maine! Follow me on Instagram @miss_alk}
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  • Tiny apartment living: Can you imagine living somewhere with under 100 square feet?! Sounds insane right? (I'm shuddering just considering that.) Well- that's exactly what one young woman is doing in NYC. She is living in a micro-studio in the heart of Manhattan! This interview about her apartment was fascinating to read. 
  • China road trip: Another great read that caught my attention this week was about the road trip of a lifetime that's currently happening in China. A middle aged Chinese woman decided to leave her marriage to go on an epic road trip across the entire country... something unheard of in Chinese culture. This NY Times article about her life and journey is such an inspiring read!

Weekend recaps:
  • Last weekend: My first weekend home in a month! On Friday after work, I babysat my co-host Marc's son for a few hours. On Saturday I went to a Jazzercise class and then ran a bunch of errands and did some shopping. I spent the rest of the afternoon at my apartment pool- so glad it's re-opened this summer. I went to Jazzercise Sunday morning and then spent the afternoon out at Sunday Polo at King Family Vineyards with a few friends. And on Sunday evening I had my monthly Blogger Mastermind Zoom call with a few blogging friends!
  • This weekend: It's going to be busy and fun! On Friday after work, I have a hair color appointment. Saturday a group of girlfriends and I are going kayaking at my favorite rental place on the James River, Twin River Outfitters (they do tube and kayak rentals- read my review here!). Sunday I am planning to go back to church in-person indoors for the first time since March 2020!! And after church, I'm heading to check out a new winery with a friend. 

  • I needed another pair of flat sandals for this summer season after some of mine from past seasons weren't in the best condition. I found these gorgeous pearl slides this weekend and I'm obsessed.
  • The colors of this striped 3/4 sleeve t-shirt made me so happy- they reminded me of rainbow sherbet. This would be so cute with denim shorts or white jeans. 
  • A splurge purchase for sure, but one I'll get my money's worth out of for years to come... another pair of my all-time favorite flats, this time in black. 
  • I can't believe that I've never owned a real garment bag before! I need one for upcoming travel for a wedding, and decided to try out this affordable set of garment bags. 
  • A really random purchase but I'm excited for it: this special gel for cleaning the interior of my car!

  • A cute and flirty little Amazon romper, it comes in a bunch of colors!
  • Always on the hunt for more easy casual midi dresses like these for the hot summer ahead. 
  • A pretty pink and red take on the puff sleeve dress trend. 
  • Over the last two years or so I've become very obsessed with white sneakers, and lately I've read a few glowing reviews for this shoe brand.

Currently reading: Condoleeza Rice: A Memoir of My Extrordinary, Ordinary Family and Me by Condoleeza Rice - This book has been such an enjoyable read. Condaleeza Rice actually wrote this book for young adults, but I'm still really enjoying it. It covers her childhood until right before she went to work in President George W. Bush's administration, and she shares many life lessons she learned from her parents and extended family. 

Recipe of the week: Melting Moments Cookies from Give Recipe - I first discovered this cookie recipe when I lived in Vermont a few years ago, but it had been awhile since I'd made them. They kind of taste like homemade Lofthouse sugar cookies... but better!

Song of the week: Saturday by Twenty One Pilots - I'm honestly not a big fan of Twenty One Pilots generally... but oh my gosh their new song is so fun and catchy! A very different sound for them but I like it. A great summer song! 

Favorite blog posts of the week:
  • Style Charade - Jenn did a great job styling the most beautiful gingham dress for summer!
  • Preppy and Pink - I always enjoy seeing home office reveals for bloggers, and Emi's new space is so cute.
  • Life on Phillips Lane - Helen recently bought a Tesla, and I was so intrigued to read her blog post about what makes buying this type of car so unique. (I guess I've paid more attention to car stuff recently since I had to get two new cars in less than a year!) 

On the blog this week:


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