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June 16, 2021

Midweek Ramblings.


{Enjoying some delicious tacos from vendor at the farmers market this weekend! Follow me on Instagram @miss_alk}
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  • Life feels normal: I've been fully vaccinated for about a month now, and life is essentially back to normal for me in so many ways. It's incredible!! There was so much I took for granted before March 2020 that I never will again. Most places in Virginia don't have mask requirements anymore, and it's been so freeing to be able to go about my daily life in most places without worrying about a mask. I've been to several larger group gatherings in the past few weeks, and this past Sunday I went back to an indoor church service for the first time! I've seen some people saying on Twitter that life seems overwhelming to be back to a full normal social schedule, but for me personally I couldn't be happier to have a more normal social calendar again!
  • Best birthday story: This might be the best birthday story of all time! Three best friends all celebrated turning 100 together this month- incredible right? I was smiling so big reading this! I can only hope that my close friends and I will live to be this old together. 
  • Cheugy or not: Have you heard about the new term "cheugy"? I'm guessing if you have TikTok you have, as I think it originated there. I don't have TikTok so I'm probably late to learn about it, ha! Apparently it means something millennials like that is deemed uncool by Gen Z. This article lists off 10 popular cheugy things... how bad is it that I love most of them? I shared this article in my blog's Facebook group and it lead to a fun discussion! (P.S. - if you aren't in the Southern Belle in Training Facebook group yet, I'd love to have you! It's a wonderful community of women!)

Weekend recaps:
  • Last weekend: A group of girlfriends and I were supposed to go kayaking on Saturday, but due to heavy rains on Friday night the rental company that we were using for the kayaks cancelled our trip. We all ended up going to one of the Charlottesville farmers markets instead (and I had delicious tacos for lunch that are pictured above!). On Sunday I went to Jazzercise, and then went back to an indoor church service for the first time since March 2020! My friend Leslie and I then went to check out a new winery that afternoon- I'll be sharing more about our visit on the blog soon. 
  • This weekend: Headed to North Carolina for Cara's wedding festivities! I am so honored to be a bridesmaid in her weddig. It is so crazy to think Cara (Caralina Style) and I literally met on the internet through our blogs years ago! A friend from my freshman year of college (I went to a different school freshman year), Michelle, lives in Greensboro, and I'm excited to be staying with her for the long weekend! 

Purchases: After a good amount of shopping last week, no fun purchases this week.

  • Christina from Carolina Charm has raved about these affordable shorts a few times now. The price seems too good to be true!
  • My current designer dress crush for summer this brand. Currently a bit out of my budget but their dresses are so pretty!
  • I love floral statement earrings, and these come in four great colors. 
  • This chic dress looks way more expensive than it is!
  • Some darling summer top options here. 

Currently Reading: Swear On This Life by Renee Carlino - This is the best novel that I've read in quite awhile! I finished it very quickly, and it got five stars from me. It's about a woman named Emiline who is struggling in both her romantic relationship and her career dreams of being a writer. There is suddenly a lot of buzz in her literary community about a novel by a new author. Emiline gets a copy of this new book... and is shocked to realize the story is about her traumatic childhood! The author has to be her childhood best friend who she lost touch with. I'm not going to say anymore- but this book is truly a great read! 

Recipe of the week: DoubleTree Hotel Cookies - These were one of my favorite 2020 recipes that I made several times while staying home last year! It's been too long since I made them, so I baked a batch this weekend and they're just as good as last year.

Song of the week: la di die by Nessa Barrett featuring JXDN - I have never heard of either of these artists before, I'm guessing they're both famous from TikTok. But I really like this new song! It gives me early 2000s Evanesence vibes a little bit?

Favorite blog posts of the week: 
  • Dresses & Democracy - One of the most talked about fashion items of the past year in the blogging world is the Hill House Nap Dress! I feel like I keep seeing and hearing about this everywhere. Although I haven't taken the plunge and gotten one of these dresses yet, I really liked reading Talia's review about them! 
  • The Home Edit - I've talked before on the blog about how much I love following The Home Edit. Clea shared a reveal of her new custom closet and it's gorgeous. 
  • Wear Bows & Smile - I always love reading engagement stories, and I was so happy Rhiana shared hers- it's just precious! 

On the blog this week:

      God Bless,

      xoxo Annaliese


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