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March 24, 2021

Midweek Ramblings.


{Snapped a selfie while cleaning out my old (now totaled) car at the body shop on Monday. Follow me on Instagram @miss_alk}
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  • A little break: Well hello! After last Wednesday's Midweek Ramblings post, I took a spontaneous week off from new blog posts, something that I rarely do. I also took a long weekend off from Instagram, and both were so needed. The past few weeks have been a rough time for me. The car accident that I was in with a deer two weeks ago was unfortunately only like bad icing on a cake to some other things already going on in my life. My anxiety has hit new highs in the past few weeks, and that's never a good feeling to experience. Fortunately- everything is all resolved now with dealing with my old (totaled) car and getting into a new one. And as for the other things that have been going on in my life, I am still dealing with some anxiety and sadness related to that, but I do trust things will be getting better soon. 2021 has had a weird start for me- but I hope this just just temporary and not at all representative of what the whole year will be. Just sharing all of this to keep it real with you all. 😊
  • Washington Post TikTok Guy interview: Despite the fact that I'm a blogger and work in media for my day job, I'm still not on TikTok. But even though I'm not personally on the app, I do enjoy seeing highlights of the best videos from there sometimes. On Twitter I love following Dave Jorgenson, who runs the Washington Post TikTok account and is otherwise known as the Washington Post TikTok Guy. He shares all of his TikToks from the Washington Post account videos to Twitter so I can see them there, and the ones he's done since COVID-19 began have just been hilarious! I really enjoyed reading this interview with him
  • Clubhouse app: My new obsession! I was able to score an invitation to the new invite-only Clubhouse app a couple months ago, but I never used it until this week. If you haven't heard of it yet, Clubhouse is a group audio chat app- think like group Zooms but without the video, just audio! There are several great rooms (groups) on there for both the radio and blogging industries. On both Monday and Tuesday of this week I attended some amazing radio panel discussions on Clubhouse. I am obsessed! I'm hoping to join some rooms for blogging soon too. I had my doubts about this app but now that I've tried it I think it's just fantastic for networking and learning. 

Weekend recaps:

  • Last weekend: Saturday morning I went to an outdoor Jazzercise class, and then spent the rest of the day dealing with car stuff. I did drive my brand new car home that evening though which was good! Sunday afternoon was my friend Emily's birthday celebration! A group of our Charlottesville friends and some of her other friends and family met outdoors at King Family Vineyards and it was a really fun afternoon. 
  • This weekend: I am planning to go to another Jazzercise class on Saturday morning, then I am meeting my friend Cara at a winery Saturday afternoon. I don't have Sunday plans yet but now that all of this car stuff is done I think a relaxing weekend day might be nice. 


  • The only clothing purchase I made this week ended up being a return. 😕I ordered this dress thinking it looked like a good affordable dupe for the popular (and expensive) Hill House Nap Dress. Unfortunately when I got this dupe version, it did NOT look flattering on me at all. Womp womp. 


  • Confession: I'm usually more about about cheap swimwear each summer than investing in more expensive swimwear... but the few expensive bathing suits I have always end up lasting much longer! Thinking about investing in a nicer one-piece that will last me for a few years this summer.
  • The temperatures are hitting the high 70s at the end of this week which means I'm starting to think about new summer pajama sets!
  • I love this pink puff sleeve dress! I think it looks like it could be a designer piece. 
  • I don't own any stacking rings currently, and I love the look of a gold stacked set for my everyday jewelry for this spring and summer. 
  • These agate coasters would be so fun for once entertaining guests at home can safely resume. 

Currently reading: Maid by Stephanie Land - I've been listening to this memoir on audiobook for the past week or so when working at my desk at work... I am considering not finishing it though. I'm really not digging this book as much as I thought. I'm finding it slow at times and also hard to follow at times. Check out the reviews on Goodreads if you're curious about it... I've found them to be very mixed.

Recipe of the week: Sesame-Soy Pork Bowls from Hello Fresh - This week was the first time that I forgot to skip my Hello Fresh Box on a week I didn't want it... so I still got one! It ended up being a blessing though as figuring out stuff with my car post-accident took more time than expected, so it was helpful to have these meals ready to go in my fridge. This was my favorite new Hello Fresh meal of the week!! 

Song of the week: Sugar by Flo Rida ft. Wynter - Do you remember this song? It was my favorite song freshman year of high school! It didn't really live on in radio in the years since... and I kind of forgot about it for years until it randomly popped into my head this week. I re-added it to my Spotify and have been bopping out like it's the spring of 2009 again, haha! Definitely my favorite Flo Rida song.

Favorite blog posts of the week:

  • Lonestar Looking Glass - This was my favorite outfit post of the week. Alice looks so lovely for spring in this gingham dress.
  • Fleurdille - Anna and her husband celebrated 10 years of marriage this week! I loved reading their story of how they met and started dating.
  • Heather Bien - For the past few months, I've been trying to be very mindful of my clothing purchases and do less impulse buying than I have in the past. I loved Heather's take on her own clothing budget.

On the blog this week: Nothing, since took a spontaneous week off of new blog posts. I rarely do this but it was so needed this past week!

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese


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  1. Social media and blog breaks are so essential. I am so glad you took the time off to take care of yourself. I am also so sorry about your car accident. It's never fun to deal with those and they are definitely a hassle. So hang in there. I agree with you. I love finding dresses at a more affordable price too but sometimes it's a bummer that it doesn't work. My body is also weird so fit wise on most dresses is kind of frustrating. I do love ASTR dresses but waiting for a good sale on them! I hope your week is going well and happy Thursday!

    Maureen |


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