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March 3, 2021

Midweek Ramblings.


{Catching up on some spring magazine reading! Follow me on Instagram @miss_alk}
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  • Hidden tunnel in Maine: This week for the Ramblings section of this post I have three random internet reads from the past week! First up: there apparently used to be a fully operational pedestrian tunnel underneath Interstate 95 in my hometown of Kennebunk Maine! I suppose if you aren't from Maine you might not find this quite as fascinating as I do, but I thought this article about it was so cool to read. Made me wonder what similar mysteries are here in Charlottesville, where I currently live!
  • The most famous hill: It might be the most famous computer screensaver of all time- burned into our memories from the early 2000s. I'm talking of course about the iconic green hill on the default Windows XP screensaver! Fun fact: this photograph is from a real hill in California, and someone recently went to track it down. Fascinating!
  • Throwback high school dance songs: This is the best Buzzfeed article I've seen in awhile. It's a round-up of 40 popular early 2000s high school dance songs- ranked by how likely dance attendees were to grind to them, and how uncomfortable the lyrics made the chaperones. I was crying laughing the first time I read this!! A few of these songs were a little too old to be played at my high school dances, but there were definitely some on here that I can remember hearing! 

Weekend recaps:
  • Last weekend: The weather ended up not being great on Saturday or Sunday, and in fully honesty I think my pandemic fatigue (and some stress about a couple other things) hit new highs this weekend. Ugh. What I did end up doing this weekend was running some needed errands (including dropping a bunch of stuff that had been in my car to Goodwill- always such a good feeling to do that!), a long catch-up Facetime call with a good friend, a lot of baking, and sleeping in/resting.
  • This weekend: It's my friend Meredith's birthday soon, and I think a few of us are planning to get together for her outside on Saturday. (Meredith and my friend Emily had a joint birthday party last year, and the world literally shut down the next day... hopefully this year's birthday festivities won't be as dramatic. 😂) 

Purchases: I stopped by Marshalls this week and found two fun fashion pieces for spring! I can't link the exact items, but similar items are linked:


Currently reading: If I Had Your Face by Frances Cha - A novel about four young women living in South Korea, and how the intense beauty and plastic surgery culture there impacts their day-to-day lives. I'm not sure I've ever read a book set in South Korea before, so it is fascinating. 

Recipe of the week: Brownies with Chocolate Fudge Frosting from Junior's - Since I was in NYC a year ago this weekend (my last trip pre-pandemic!), I thought it was only fitting to make something from my Junior's NYC cookbook. I decided to go with their brownies- they are phenomenal! The recipe is found in their official cookbook, which my mom got me for Christmas a couple years ago.

Song of the week: Star by Loona - I love international music (I listen to a lot of Eastern European pop and some Bollywood music), but I have to admit K-Pop is something I have never really gotten into before. But I really like this song Star from K-Pop girl band Loona- it's so fun!

Favorite blog posts of the week:
  • Carolina Style - My friend Cara recently moved to Atlanta, and she and her fiancé are busy getting their first home ready for after their wedding! I loved her home decor update last week of what they've done so far.
  • Do Say Give - This is a post that I bookmarked to save for the future! Lee shares seven important topics that she recommends discussing with your significant other prior to getting married. 
  • Carolina Charm - One of my favorite posts ever from Christina! She's been in a dinner club with her friends for a few years, and broke down everyone's favorite themes and menus into one great blog post round-up.

On the blog this week:

     God Bless,

     xoxo Annaliese 

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  1. Brownies with chocolate fudge frosting sounds good right about now. It's been a week for sure and I am craving some sweet! I hope your friend's birthday get together goes well. I know it's been so hard to get together with family and friends even though some states are lifting mask mandates and people are getting vaccinated. It's still such an unknown parts of our lives. Wishing you a fabulous weekend ahead!

    Maureen |


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